FootBot 5000

by bhelddon

Published on March 27, 2018

This is a Cam Newton, Odelle Beckham Jr. FootBot which will carry them with remote control automated horn and lights if they are injured.


Duration: 2 hours

How To Make It


FootBot I created the front wheels to move by itself. I created a remote control backwards to steer it. I made a wireless remote control set to control the horn and the lights. I cut out pictures off the internet. I cut out a frame from a cardboard box. I set the wheels and hooked them up. I made the remotes and tested it.I covered the pictures and black paper on the frame. I tested it again. I cut out the holes for the lights and secured them. I turned everything on, closed the back hatch of the FootBot and made it run.
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Step 2 I created circuits that I could control from the remote to help steer.
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Step 3 I added the lights and sound.
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Ready to go I tested it. I made sure all the circuits were in the right place and wouldn't fall out.
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FootBot Automatic 5000 I enclosed the circuits after mounting the lights for action.
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