Light-Up Sulley With Dancing Smile

by littleBits

Published on April 23, 2014

Hack Sulley with littleBits! Use Disney’s Monsters University Sew Your Own Monster Kit to make a sound activated monster that attempts to scare you with his charming servo - activated smile. 

How To Make It


Start by building your circuit: power + wire + sound trigger + wire + bargraph + wire + pulse + slide dimmer + servo. The servo should be set on “swing” mode. Adjust the the sensitivity of the sound trigger using the little purple screwdriver. Then adjust the pulse and the dimmer to determine the angle of rotation and speed of your servo’s arm. This will eventually become Sulley’s mouth.


The Monsters University Sew Your Own Monster Kit comes with all the parts you need to make your own stuffed Sulley. Using transparency paper, make a surface for the modules to sit on. We traced Sulley’s body template from the sewing kit and then cut the transparency paper 1cm from the edge of what we traced. This lets us be sure that it will fit inside Sulley once we sew him up.


Position the Bits modules onto the transparency cutout. See the image in the photo gallery to see how we did it. You will want to make sure the servo motor is positioned where Sulley’s mouth would be and that the bargraph is positioned when his stomach is. You can use gluedots or tape to hold the modules in place.


Place all the sticker parts that come with Sulley on his body template except for the mouth and the blue circle for his stomach.


On the servo, remove the “I-shaped arm (you may need a screwdriver to do this). Where Sulley’s mouth is supposed to be, cut a small hole in the body template that is big enough to fit the servo motor arm base (the little white nub). Stick the servo arm base through the small hole you made in the body template from the inside. From the exterior of the face, reconnect the servo arm. When the circuit is activated, you should see the servo arm move on the exterior of the Sulley’s face.


Now place the mouth sticker on the servo. Sulley’s mouth now moved when you activate the sound trigger.


Cut out a circular hole in Sulley’s body where the light blue stomach sticker will go. Make this hole slightly smaller that the circular sticker. On the back of the light blue sticker, place a paper cutout (you decide what is in Sulley’s stomach). Then stick the whole thing down over the hole you just made. You won’t see anything until you activate the sound trigger - the bargraph will then light the image from behind.


Use the needle and thread provided to sew Sulley up. Make sure the transparency with the Bits modules is centered and sandwiched between the front and back bodies. You will also want to add some of the batting (white fluffy stuff) to keep him nice and round.


Cut a slot down Sulley’s back so that you can access the power and the battery.


When activated by sound, Sulley attempts to surprise and frighten you with his charming smile and glowing stomach.

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