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The Making of XMEN's QuickSilver and his working StereoBelt with LittleBits

by albaadventures

Published on November 21, 2017

Luckily a lot of Quicksilver’s clothing besides the belt can be worn on other days besides Halloween and you might already have some like black jeans. The Quicksilver Jacket we liked can be found on Amazon.


We found gray Chuck Taylors from the thrift store and painted them silver with acrylic paint, and modge podge. Maybe you have something you could use? If not or if you don’t have time for painting you could get Silver High Tops. You will also need blue laces to go with the shoes.

Quicksilver needs glasses to protect his eyes from his high speed. We thought these were pretty close, and you get three pair.


Quicksilver always has on a cool t-shirt.  Sandro chose Pink Floyd. He also wears a Rush t-shirt.


For the headphones we used Koss Headphones.


You need silver hair so we used Silver Hairspray.

Stereo Belt

For the Stereo Belt we recycled cereal boxes and put it together with tape and modge podge and paint.  We also printed out various decals and glued them on.


For a Working Stereo Belt

If you want the belt to play music this is what we used for ours.  We have a lot of various LittleBits from projects we have created over the years. There used to be a pop up store downtown NYC, so you could purchase individual LittleBits, but it closed unfortunately. So to get all of the parts necessary for this build you will need  2 Base Kits and also  the Little Bits Synth Kit that includes the mp3 player. Both kits come will a lot of extra parts, and if your kids like this stuff it is fun and easy to play with and a good introduction before making the plunge into arduino..


For the Knobs that were attached we used these


Duration: 20 hours

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