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Remote Adjustable Fan

by MaxPretzel709

Published on May 23, 2016

Created with the the Gizmos and Gadgets kit, this is a rotating and adjustable fan controlled with a remote, to cool you off when you are too warm!
Materials: -p1 Power (x2) -i5 Slide Dimmer (x2) -w22 Wireless Transmitter -w21 Wireless Receiver -w19 Split -o9 Bargraph -o13 Fan -o11 Servo and Hub -Servo Mount -a9 Mounting Board (x2) -Small Ziptie

Duration: 10 Minutes (Guess)

How To Make It


Fan and Circuit Top This is the circuit used to build it. Make your circuit like mine.
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Controller Top This is the top view of the Controller. Make it like this.
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