The freaky spider #hackhalloween

by pmorales

Published on October 31, 2015

This is a freaky spider very deadly if you are bitten, watch out your step with this bug, it frightens !

Duration: 2 hours

Credits: 5 young students from Colegio Comfandi El Prado

How To Make It


Drawing the sketch Creating how to execute this project
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Identifying materials and Littlebits Once how to execute this project has been identified, then the next step is identifying its materials and Littlebits to move it.
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Painting and crafting scene for this creepy spider Here is where creativity and art begins. You have to paint, cut and design with selected materials.
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Building spider's web

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Building spider's web

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Building spider's web

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Building spider's web

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Lighting the spider's web


Placing the scene, spider and spider's web with LittleBits Once the scene and spider's web has been built, next step is placing LittleBits modules in this scene in order to spice them with special effects.
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