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The Olympic Swimming Bots

by h23edlukz

Published on September 3, 2016

We created Olympic swimming bots. Two dolls are placed at one end of the pool which is the starting line. When instructed to begin, the dolls compete to swim across the pool and whoever finishes first, will be declared the winner. The dolls are powered and move using the motor I created using the little bits connected to my laptop.

Duration: About two weeks

How To Make It


Swimming Bots First, me and my partner brainstormed to agree what invention to make. Once we finished that, we cut two boxes and tapped them together to make our pool. We also decorated the pool, I wrote " Water Works" and " USA vs. Brazil".
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Swimming Bots Next, we made our circuit and decided what bits to use. After that, I tied a string on the doll's neck and to make sure the barbies moved, we made a knot on the DC motor to have it strong enough to pull the Barbies. We also put the DC motor inside the pool so it would be closer to the doll's, that is the explanation to why you cannot see the motor. The motors are taped on the side of the pool.

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