5 easy, inventive St. Patrick’s Day activities

Whether you’re at home or in the classroom, we’ll help you catch that leprechaun.

March 16, 2017

No matter where you’re from, when St. Patrick’s Day comes around we’re all Irish! Rainbows abound, food and drinks turn green, and we all hope for a little extra “Luck of the Irish” to help us find the hidden pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

Want to celebrate, Bitster-style? We have some ideas for inventions you can create to make your Paddy’s Day festivities a little more fun.

1. This flying leprechaun

Flying leprechaun

“In the spirit of St. Patrick’s Day, and always wanting to find the pot of gold, I decided to create a helicopter-ish Leprechaun transporter,” says CompuKid, the invention’s creator. And it’s just as easy as it is imaginative – you only need 5 Bits to invent this creation. Get crafty and make it your own.

2. An alarm system to keep your gold safe

If you’ve already found that pot o’ gold, 1) please share it with us. And 2) you’re going to need a system for keeping burglars at bay. Our inventor friends who call themselves the Little Oha Bitty Bytes have the solution.

3. This multi-colored party decoration

This invention is SO fun and easy, we can’t believe we didn’t think of it ourselves. Make your Paddy’s Day party a little more festive by adding a rainbow (in this case, with pipe cleaners!) to a servo Bit or DC motor.

4. The littleBits Luck Tester Game

Step right up and test your luck on the littleBits Luck Tester! This advanced invention is a game of chance (or is it luck?!) that uses a sequencer to divvy out points – or take them away.

5. A fan that tells your fortune

Looking for a simple invention to test how much Luck of the Irish is in you? This fan of fortune uses only 3 Bits, and is included in our super-fun Gizmos & Gadgets Kit, 2nd Edition. Write different fortunes on the paper under the fan and get it spinning to see how lucky your future will be!

Now, get creative and invent your own St. Patrick’s Day fun with littleBits! Show us what you built by uploading it to the Invent Page.

Sarah Woodard

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