8 inventions that aren’t in your Synth Kit

Rock on.

July 3, 2017

We know that you’re a synth music lover. You’ve created, played, and composed songs all with this jam-packed modular synthesizer kit. You created your very own Keytar and a DJ Spin Table, but now what? You’re certainly not done taking over the world of music – so here are 8 new types of tunes and inventions you can make with your Synth Kit.

Rock on, Bitsters!

1. Go pro.

Turn your synthesizer into a pro set-up and you’ll be blasting beats in no time.

2. Make it a double.

Build a double-necked Super Synth Guitar that rocks as hard as you do. Cheap Trick, who?

3. Hack some oscillators.

Create extra waveforms. Layer it with your tunes!

4. Create a singing bird.

A beautiful paper bird learns to sing with our Synth Kit. It’s such a lovely and engaging weekend project.

5. Reinvent the family band.

Invent music with your dad (or your kid!). Get ready to be the best parent-child synth duo out there. We heard Depeche Mode needs an opening act…

6. Design a disco dance floor.

Make a mini dance floor and just add in flashing lights, synth, and finger puppets. It’s so cool.

7. Compose a whale song.

Design a whale song and make your device move via remote trigger. Synth + marine science = awesome.

8. Engineer a dance-trument.

Use the Bluetooth Low Energy Bit with your Synth Kit to make a dance-controlled instrument! By shaking your phone you can trigger the sequencer to play, so now instead of the music controlling your dance moves, your dance moves control the music.

Stephanie Valente
Content Manager