The BitOlympics Results Are In…

Find out who was selected as our first-ever BitOlympians

July 29, 2015


After three weeks, over 50 events around the world and 100 submissions, the votes are in. We are incredibly excited to announce the first-ever BitOlympic Champions.

…. drum roll….


The Olive Wreath & Grand BitOlympian Awards go to Jason Huang, Bou-Yu Chen, Chin Ia Hung, Orilla Lin, Hal Maa, Jyun Siang Wang, Huang Shu Ting and Travis Lin from Taipei, Taiwan! Their creativity, design, engineering, originality and documentation of the Exhalation Game wowed all three of our judges.

Project Description: In order to row a boat fast and steady one would need precise movements, and coherent respiration. With that in mind, we designed a small game to test not only one’s lung capacity but also other criteria such as the intensity and stability of ones exhalation where the players find out during the game.


The Golden Shoe Award for Football goes to Borko Jovanovic, his friends and family from Belgrade, Serbia for their bitSoccer Serbia project.

Project Description: Penalty kick simulation around four concepts:

1) The goal keeper moving along the goal line trying to defend the shot.

2) The shooter moving around the ball and kicking towards the goal.

3) The screaming fans creating a wave and flashing cameras.

4) The game, automating fans reaction when a goal is scored.


The Big Air Award for Rhythmic Gymnastics goes to senior Bitser Joey Wilson & Michael Schippling from Santa Fe, New Mexico for their Triad the Robot project. Not only did they create a project, but they also invented a new bit as well in the process!

Project Description: Triad is a two wheeled little robot that moves in synch to music with the help of a prototype bit called SoundControl. SoundControl allows makers to program their output bits without having to write any code using a wide variety of software programs that support audio from GarageBand to Scratch, from Keynote to iTunes.


The Iron Bit Award for Track & Field goes to 10 year old Jamie Quinlan from Ottawa, Canada for inventing Harold Weightlifter 2.0. Believe it or not, before it became it’s own Olympic sport, weightlifting was part of Track & Field back in the early 1900s.

Project Description: Harold is a wireless weightlifting robot (check out the video below to see him in action). Watch out Harold 1.0!


The Black Diamond Award for Downhill Skiing goes to Caroline DahlAnna-Karin Bergkvist and Daniel Eriksson from Stockholm Sweden for their Squeeze-a-Ski project. She participated in her local Chapter event, held at Spotify headquarters.

Project Description: Skiing is hard. What do you do with your arms? Not much. And yet, so much potential! We in Team Downhill Skiing have improved the skiing UX.

We created a skier robot that is controlled using two pressure sensors, one for each ski. You turn left or right by pressing on the respective sensor. Push both sensors simultaneously to go straight forward. Push harder to go faster.

Less foot-work, more hand-squeeze. The crowds go wild.


The Topspin Award for Table Tennis goes to TechScience down South in Sydney, Australia for their reenactment of Table Tennis!

Project Description: This is our version of table tennis for the BitOlympic games. It’s a cool and fun game to build using littleBits, Lego characters and 3D Printed rackets. The game includes two players, each controlling a character using a button. Once a point is made in the game, the referee can use the buzzer to note the score.


The Record Breaker Award for Most Uploaded Projects goes to Maria Renard from Santiago, Chile. She spent two hours working with a group of third graders (who had never used littleBits before) and made over 10!! projects. They. Are. So. Cute.



The Golden Camera Award for best documented event goes to Nicole Stumpf from Edmonton, Canada. This was her first time ever shooting a littleBits event and she nailed it. Make sure to check out her full Flickr set— it’s National Geographic quality :-).

For a full-list of BitOlympic projects, visit the littleBits Project Page and let us know who you liked best by through your favorites and comments.