Announcing the winner of our SXSW Challenge…

March 20, 2012

Congratulations to Hayes, Rick, and Jesse!

We are announcing the winner of our “Playdate Challenge” at the SXSW GE Garage.  We challenged the participants to create a two player game using littleBits and craft materials.  The winning game was called “World Lift” and is a cooperative game that requires two players to “lift the world.”  Each player is in control of a pressure sensor that is connected to a fan.  The players need to apply the correct amount of pressure to keep a foam ball suspended in the center of a tube using air from the fan.  It was fun, challenging, and had a magical little quality to it.  Congratulations to Hayes , Rick, and Jesse!

Here is a video of the “World Lift” in action:


Click here to view pictures of the workshops

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