Ask me Anything with Ayah Bdeir

Recap: Top questions from yesterday's IAmA on Reddit

November 14, 2013

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Yesterday Ayah Bdeir sat down to answer questions from the reddit community about everything from the new Synth Kit to where littleBits will be in 5 years to who she would invite to a dinner party. Here are the top questions and answers.

1.) 2 part question: 1) Will you be releasing the elements of the kit as single circuits for sale? I really want to stack more oscillators! 2) Do you plan to develop any other parts in this line? possibly line input or cv/midi capabilities? Submitted by Pohlkamp

Yes to both. The individual Bits are here but they go on sale early next year For cv/midi, we’re still working on it, so that you can play richer music and combine. But you will already be able to incorporate external audio via the microphone


2.) For those of us who are more advanced in synthesizers, will you be continuing to develop more modules? Also, you site says that the synth kit is limited edition. How limited is it? Will you continue working with Korg after this kit? Submitted by G_C_F

Definitely. We have a long list of new modules we want to add, both synth and otherwise. And people keep suggesting new ones too!


3.) So much of our technology is immensely complex now – an iPhone is a closed-box in many respects. So do you think littlebits offers an engagement for kids with technology that is otherwise lacking? Submitted by tigerstyle25

That’s exactly what we’re trying to do. Break down a light switch or a blender or a robotic installation or anything into its basic parts. And have people rebuild, and understand more what’s in there.


4.) You mentioned an upcoming Arduino module, and there’s a USB powered module, but are there any plans to allow direct interfacing/control from a computer, ala MIT’s Scratch? Submitted by turbov21

Yes definitely. Scratch is specifically a language/interface we love because it’s block programming, very much like littleBits. It’s in early stages of prototyping though, so stay tuned


5.) What made you decide to base littleBits in NYC? Do you think the tech scene in NYC is growing? The pull to move out to the bay area for hardware engineering jobs is so incredibly strong, but I am a native New Yorker and I can’t bear the thought of living anywhere else. Any advice? Submitted by fmhdtw

In the beginning it was personal. I LOOOOVE NYC and have always wanted to live here. But since I came here in 2006, the hardware scene has been growing and we have a really great group of companies and entrepreneurs doing stuff that you dont see in the bay area. NY has so much diversity: fashion, media, finance, and the hardware scene benefits from that.

6.) Where do you see littleBits as a company a year from now? 5 years from now? What was the greatest challenge in making your littleBits vision a reality? Can you give any details about what the next kit will be? Submittied by Mattmatix

1. We want to be in every home, every school, every engineering and design studio

2. Many. Making something that never existed before is really hard. I almost gave up many times. But maybe the hardest one was getting the first products manufactured before I had money or a company

3. mmmmmm think big… really big… like space big…. 🙂


7. If you had access to anyone – whom would you most like to put littleBits in the hands of for a collaboration, installation… whatever! Who do you think would have the ability to bring out the best in the Bits or do something absolutely amazing? Submitted by EcidLuohs

Lady Gaga! I have a fantasy that she would make a huge audio/visual/sensory installation all with littleBits. That would be so fun….

8.) If you could invite three people to a dinner party hosted by you. Who would you invite and why? Submitted by engineer159

do they have to be all alive? 1. Barak Obama (we have lots of work to do together!), 2. Sol Lewitt (im such a fan of his work), 3. Jean Georges (someone has to do the cooking, I’m terrible!)


Check out the full Reddit IAmA here.

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