Example project with the NFC-Bit: http://pv-productions.com/lego-doorlock-system/

With the “Near Field Communication Bit (NFC-Bit)” you can add “keys” to your creations. Its everyday use can be found in door systems, security systems, home-automation, data-transfer, payments and many more… Every NFC-tag is unique! See NFC as a unique electronic key for your littleBits creations. Actions only take place when the right NFC-tag is presented.

You can control the Bit with the 2 included NFC-tags, but also your own NFC-tags (e.g. the pass from the sport school etc.)

With the mode button you can toggle through the 4 modes:

(NOTE: Eventually more modes will be available and more tags can be added when the project reaches 1000 votes!)

1 Program mode:
Program up to 4 different NFC-tags into the NFC-Bit. The built-in memory will save the tag-IDs when the Bit is unpowered.

2 Read mode:
When a programmed NFC-tag is detected, the NFC-Bit output goes HIGH for 1 second.
Non-programmed NFC-tags won’t work obviously.

3 Read mode extended:
When a programmed NFC-tag is detected, the NFC-Bit output is different for every tag.
Non-programmed NFC-tags won’t work obviously.
In this way, when connected to the arduino bit, you can read the different outputs and control different things with the different NFC-tags.

4 Read mode all:
Any NFC-tag on the planet can trigger the NFC-Bit output HIGH for 1 second.

Suggestions, ideas or what you would like to see in the Bit, you can put it in a comment below.

I hope you like it.

For more information and pictures see also the project page on my site:

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  • electronicadivertida.com about 3 years ago

    so cool
    You have my vote

  • randbits about 3 years ago

    Really cool!

  • frogsbreath2004 about 3 years ago

    Just got my vote! I hope this is approved!

  • Mry03 about 3 years ago

    Cool, You got my vote. :)

  • awesomesause about 3 years ago

    my vote

  • cheeselab about 3 years ago

    must have it

  • JonnyTravels about 3 years ago

    Awesome work, man. I have an RFID bit in my list of bits to try to prototype but it looks like you just saved me a bunch of work. Great project. I voted and shared both of your projects. I hope this and the RGB led bit both make it to production cause I WILL BUY!

  • acvigue about 3 years ago

    Littlebits, put this bit in the fast track to production

  • dmr about 3 years ago

    This looks awesome! Would be a great way to bring some Disney Magic Bands magic into my living room, or even reuse some NFC keys from hotel rooms from business trips.

  • Philip Verbeek PV-Productions almost 3 years ago

    Just came across another great use for the NFC-Bit. For the Pet lovers atleast;)

  • lucasthollinger almost 3 years ago

    Cool idea!!
    if you go to http://littlebits.cc/bitlab it says you have 1001 votes
    good job!

  • sikaar almost 3 years ago

    Wonderful , i want it !!!! I really want it !

  • icco over 2 years ago

    This sounds awesome. I'd love to be able to tap my android phone to this or something, to then trigger something.

  • obospieler over 2 years ago

    I love this idea!! Can't wait to see it come to be!

  • bitronics over 2 years ago

    Love it!

  • m3gam1ke.miguel over 2 years ago

    please make this true

  • m3gam1ke.miguel over 2 years ago

    i can make physical minecraft skylanders!!! woohoo!

  • marwansharaf about 2 years ago

    MUST HAVE!!!
    one of the BEST BITS ever!!!!
    I can make a hotel keycard for my bedroom instead of carrying heavy metal keys (^-^)

    • Philip Verbeek PV-Productions almost 2 years ago

      Great idea!!! The NFC Bits are available at http://pv-productions.com/littlebits-nfc-bit-near-field-communication/

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