The Bleep Drum is a lo-fi Arduino-based drum machine. The littleBits module version can be triggered from any changing signal, like the output from an oscillator, sequencer, or even a simple button. These crunchy samples go great with the smooth sounds of the synth modules!

The Bleep Drum module has two modes. In "analog" mode, the drum sample and its pitch are determined by an incoming analog level like that of the sequencer module. In "digital" mode the pitch and sample are selected by the Bleep Drum's knob. The sample is activate every time a pulse is received from any module, from a button, light sensor, oscillator, or anything in between.

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  • Xinerama over 3 years ago

    This would be awesome! I hope it happens.

  • doeboy10 over 3 years ago

    You should be able to hack this too, anything sending a pulse voltage should be able to trigger one of the buttons on the Bleep Drum, or you can use the output of the oscillators or sequencer as a control voltage to mimic the action of turning the potentiometers for modulating parameters...Great idea for a module.

    • dez nuts about 2 years ago

      Good idea, but how would a slide dimmer work with it? Would it sssssslllllloooooowwwwwwllllllllllyyyyyyyyyy change the drum, or would it change how apparent the drum is?

    • dez nuts about 2 years ago

      never mind

  • paul_littleBits over 3 years ago

    Yeah. The Arduino module could also be used to program patterns by using the analogWrite() function on either of the PWM output pins. Lots of potential there.

  • paul_littleBits over 3 years ago

    No need to hack, that's what the two modes are for! In one mode the pot changes the pitch and the other the external signal does. You put the module into external control mode by turning the knob fully counter-clockwise.

  • skeew over 3 years ago

    very bleepin cool!

  • sfadrrock over 3 years ago

    I would love this module!

  • russellfrost over 3 years ago

    I want one of these.

  • jaredtgriffin over 3 years ago

    Great collaboration!

  • benopie over 3 years ago

    I've been waiting to order my first synth kit, but if you make this i'll definitely get on the whole system.

  • Sleet2 over 3 years ago

    I will buy this.

  • Andrew_littleBits over 3 years ago

    Dr. Bleep was awesome enough to join us at this week's bitLab Live. Check out the video and share his submission with your friends -- help the Bleep Drum get the votes needed to move on to the next phase!

  • Andrew_littleBits over 3 years ago

    Dr. Bleep was awesome enough to join us at this week's bitLab Live. Check out the video and share his submission with your friends -- help the Bleep Drum get the votes needed to move on to the next phase!

  • Alloteuthis over 3 years ago

    I already have a Bleep Drum (actually, a Dam-Drum), but it would be awesome to just have a LittleBits module! Much more portable and easier to control.

  • Justinlincoln over 3 years ago

    Shared on Facebook. I really hope this is released.

  • sleepingangel over 3 years ago

    wow this is the BEST thing to come to Little Bits since the Original Synth kit was created. What a wonderful addition it would be!! I voted and I hope you win so that WE ALL can benefit!!

  • deanpoulsen over 3 years ago

    hope you make it. looks like the perfect addition to the synth kit which i have.

  • StuckInSynth over 3 years ago

    I own several Nebulophones, and of course to ultimate lo-fi drum machine by Bleep Labs. I own a whole rack of 32 - 64 bit sampling units, MIDI synths with polyphonic capabilities and so on. Never have I had so much fun making noise with the KORG synth kit or the Bleep lab modules. I built a specific mixer/1 watt amp/Speaker enclosure just to connect as much as possible having a "blast" Grew up with the original Moog and Prophet machines, which was a privilege. Collaborate with Dr. Bleep and make the Lo-Fi community complete.

  • reddinopop over 3 years ago

    Omg I wish I could have voted

  • reddinopop over 3 years ago

    You should add a volume control

  • BrandonMindel over 3 years ago

    I have also been waiting to purchase a synth kit in hopes that this drum kit would pass the number of votes and it know i just hope it passes a reveiw

  • brady.gaster about 3 years ago

    Oh this is fantastic. Must have!

  • graymaynard about 3 years ago


  • jamescolison about 3 years ago

    this is truly amazing

  • jameikrover about 3 years ago

    very nice indeed

  • alexacanbura123 about 3 years ago

    nice work

  • philipmcnabb about 3 years ago

    Fantastic, it works beautifully

  • micafranco about 3 years ago

    like it

  • isoliprince about 3 years ago

    I really like it.. Well done

  • jomastyre about 3 years ago

    Has this Bleep Drum with module two modes ?

  • jomastyre12 almost 3 years ago

    Love this

  • juanbell almost 3 years ago

    This is fantastic

  • earlcollins almost 3 years ago

    Fantastic, it works beautifully

  • Jazzken almost 3 years ago

    That is nice

  • jasskr7 almost 3 years ago

    This is a dual mode model

  • luigi almost 3 years ago

    So so so excited about this! any idea of eta? planning on buying 3 or 4 of them :)

  • RosieKr almost 3 years ago

    This is really nice

  • jarodfoley almost 3 years ago

    Perfect addition...

  • luigi almost 3 years ago

    Any idea on eta? Uber excited! :)

  • Soniarozer almost 3 years ago

    This is perfect

  • SunnyMessi almost 3 years ago

    Great job

  • bradford almost 3 years ago

    can't wait!

  • prolittlebiter almost 3 years ago

    I want to publish a little bit I'm making how do I do it

  • nicholassscott almost 3 years ago

    Thumbs up for the work

  • alanperez over 2 years ago

    Great display .. Really good work

  • stan.t.pede over 2 years ago

    I can't wait!

  • jnitin over 2 years ago

    not bad the module has a ardino based syestem AWSOME

  • wieserobert over 2 years ago

    When is this going to happen? Anyone know the release date?

  • rcon303 over 2 years ago

    how much will it cost

  • Squirt1 about 2 years ago

    WOW thats awesome! Nice!

  • SpaCeJaysOn over 1 year ago

    This module shouldn't need voted up, it should be part of production ,automatically..
    Come on, it's the _BLEEPInG MaD ScieNtist_ with a collab with ..
    It's a win/win scenario,There's no lack of End-product consumers.

  • SpaCeJaysOn over 1 year ago

    I also wanted to mention, I know all the people all thru to the end product,work really hard on all levels..And I do love my little bits,.But it seems like these sets of modules ,seem to be overly expensive..The cost doesn't seem to fit..But don't be mistaken though, I currently own The Korg Synth Kit,and The Arduino Coding Kit..And I really enjoy them.It's a magical concept.,And.I was making a lot of money at the time I bought them..
    And currently can not afford a single module..I feel it should be in a lot more peoples
    hands.But the cost keeps them at a far, way out of the reach of a lot of people..I do want all the people from coding the software, to hardware creation,and all involved to get paid for their amazing ,hard work..But all the great people providing products in the
    "DIY" ,"Open Source Software" community keep amazing products at amazing prices >
    With carefully calculated overhead, are able to fill the needs,and wants ..And even if cost is still to hi, a lot of times ,in many cases, there's an option to assemble and solder an build the product ,{basically DIY} at a low low cost..I guess my question would be, What goes into a standard module,does the hi cost go into the "magnetic connections".
    All of you are doing nothing wrong,I love the product ,i'd just love to see many more kits in the hands of a lot of "creators"..And I don't mean kids,.(of course kids as well) ,but their looked after by many,.I'm trying to speak for the many low paid creators ,with really low budgets for gear or "Toys"..If work picks back up for me ,i'm hoping to purchase and have a small give away,or donation /or contest of some kind..But so far it was going to cost me way to much to make it happen..I just want to give everyone with the
    Will A Way--

  • bradford over 1 year ago

    It's amazingly been two years since this module was first shown and still no module. "In Production" for probably a year. Really. I now doubt that we'll ever see it, sad, as this should have been one of the FIRST modules the made for the music bits. As this seems to have become vaporware, I also doubt that we'll see Little Bits the company around for much longer....

  • Skydorker over 1 year ago

    I get that production can take along time but it would be awesome if you guys would post an update every once in a while, or even a vague release date.

  • JonathanW over 1 year ago

    Yes! please help us manage our patience by keeping us informed about the status of the project.

  • ExnuX over 1 year ago

    Please give us an update

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