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littleBits’ Avengers Hero Inventor Kit is Officially Available Today! August 24, 2018

Earlier this month, littleBits introduced the Avengers Hero Inventor Kit in collaboration with Disney’s Marvel Entertainment. The launch followed the success of our Droid Inventor Kit, developed with Disney’s Lucasfilm in 2017. Today we’re excited to announce that the Avengers Hero Inventor Kit is officially available today. As such, we wanted to take a moment […]

Kids Invent Their Own Super Hero with the Avengers Hero Inventor Kit August 1, 2018

Kids Playing with Avengers Hero Inventor Kit

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a Super Hero? Today, littleBits is happy to introduce the Avengers Hero Inventor Kit, in collaboration with Marvel Entertainment. The Avengers Hero Inventor Kit includes everything kids need to create their own super powers, then reconfigure them in different ways to create new inventions. […]

New Hall of Fame Kits Honor Tried-and-True Inventions from the littleBits Community May 7, 2018

Today, the littleBits team is thrilled to introduce our new Hall of Fame Kits! At only $39.99 each, each kit can be purchased individually; however, all of littleBits’ electronic blocks work together, so the Hall of Fame Kits can be combined to create even larger inventions. Once kids create the inventions in the box, they […]

Standing Up for Autism Through Invention April 18, 2018

Imagine spending more than 700 hours building something? That’s exactly what 10-year-old Brynjar Karl Bigisson did when he built the largest Lego replica of the Titanic. Check it out. Brynjar has autism, and prior to undertaking this project he had some trouble communicating with others. Building the Lego Titanic gave him a sense of purpose […]

The Results Are In: Winners of National Competition Featuring the Droid Inventor Kit April 6, 2018

Back in November, littleBits announced The littleBits Competition: Droid Inventor Kit in collaboration with Lucasfilm — a competition which invited kids, families, and Star Wars fans in the U.S., U.K., and Canada to share their own unique Droid creations with the global inventor community. Our goal was to to challenge kids to think outside the […]

WSJ: “Your child can finally make that secret-code-protected, noise-activated light she’s always wanted.” May 5, 2016

“This child-friendly system makes it surprisingly easy to cobble together advanced gadgets from scratch… The littleBits Gizmo & Gadgets Kit includes plenty of parts to build contraptions like the remote-control vehicle; it’s an ideal introduction to the underlying technology driving the electronics around us. “

littleBits Breaks Down Gender Stereotypes at White House Panel on Media and Toys April 6, 2016

We’re super excited to have littleBits CEO Ayah Bdeir at the White House today, as a case study panelist for a conference focused on breaking down gender stereotypes in children’s media and toys. Ayah spoke on the importance of gender-neutral STEM/STEAM tools, on a panel that included some of the most globally prestigious children’s brands: LEGO, Disney, Mattel, and DC Comics.

WSJ, NYT and USA Today agree: The Gizmos & Gadgets Kit is the Top Gift of 2015 December 14, 2015

We’re super proud of the littleBits Gizmos & Gadgets Kit, which has been featured in over 30 Holiday Gift Guides this year (and counting)! Here’s a roundup of our favorites, which include New York Times, Wall Street Journal, USA Today, TIME and more! We were also honored to have been selected by Melinda Gates as one of her favorite holiday gifts this year.

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The Results Are In: Gizmos & Gadgets Kit is a Best Toy of 2015 November 17, 2015

We’re proud to announce that the littleBits Gizmos & Gadgets Kit was selected by Popular Mechanics as one of the best new toys of 2015! Our newest kit has also received great reviews from the Wall Street Journal, PC Magazine, Lifehacker and Gizmodo, among others.

Big News! We Raised $44.2M in New Funding and are Expanding Our Executive Team! June 25, 2015

See the official press release here. We’ve got some BIG news! In one of the largest Series B rounds of the maker movement, our company successfully raised $44.2 million in new funding. Our goal is to use this latest round of funding to invest in further STEM/STEAM education distribution and increase our global footprint, which already […]

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Introducing: MIDI, CV, and USB I/O March 31, 2015

Since the launch of the Synth Kit in November 2013, many users requested the addition of modules that would allow the Synth Kit to be connected to the rest of the equipment in their music studios. The design and engineering teams at littleBits and Korg agreed that adding this kind of functionality would unlock additional power […]

Ayah Bdeir at Emtech: The Internet as Material September 30, 2014

Ayah spoke recently at Emtech, the MIT Tech Review conference that highlights invention and new developments in engineering and technology. In her talk, Ayah spoke about the need to democratize hardware in order to transform society, and how littleBits can be used as a building block. She introduced the cloudBit and posed the question, “Can we take the biggest revolution of our time, the Internet, and make it a building block, so that you can invent with it the way you’d invent with other materials?”

littleBits on the cover of MAKE! September 12, 2014

The current issue of MAKE Magazine profiles littleBits and its evolution from early prototypes to the cloudBit and other recent product launches.

“‘It’s already been a hit,’ says Richard Ganas, one of Quirky’s product designers, about the company’s new littleBits Pro Library, a massive collection of trim pots, sliders, buzzers, LEDS, motors, sensors, and other gadgets needed to quickly build novel circuits.”

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PSFK: The Maker’s Manual August 18, 2014

littleBits is featured several times in a special report on the Maker Movement published by PSFK and Intel. “Maker’s Manual” analyzes the Maker Movement, including the economic, societal and technological forces that drive it. The report highlights littleBits as an important resource for Makers.

Yahoo! Tech: These 3 High-Tech Toys Help Teach Girls to Stick with Science August 11, 2014

Yahoo! Tech featured littleBits in an article on high-tech toys that may help to combat gender stereotypes, including an interview with Ayah. “‘We have been very deliberate in making our product gender neutral,’ says Ayah Bdeir, CEO and founder of littleBits. ‘We’re trying to make a product that’s gender neutral, democratic, and empowering for anyone.’”

Inc.: Hardware Startup littleBits Embraces the Internet of Things July 23, 2014

Inc. wrote about the newest addition to the littleBits library, the cloudBit, and how designers are using littleBits to prototype their inventions. “…within the past year, Bdeir says the company has seen countless professional designers, engineers, and entrepreneurs create prototypes with the adaptable product. . . One company called Ringly even used littleBits to build the prototype for its product, an Internet-connected ring that lets users know when they have an important call or email.”

Gizmodo: littleBits Now Lets You Build Your Own DIY Smart Home July 23, 2014

Gizmodo wrote a great piece highlighting the cloudBit and its potential to bring internet connectivity to anything.

“It’s an awesome idea. Not only can you build internet-connected devices out of bits, you can also hack into other devices—anything from a thermostat to a doorbell—and make it accessible in the cloud.”

Featured Products: cloudBit, Cloud Starter Bundle
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Gigaom: littleBits launches a cloud bit and turns from toy maker to hardware revolutionary July 23, 2014

Gigaom wrote about the littleBits’ cloudBit and included this quote from Ayah Bdeir:
“‘When you go into workshops and designers’ offices you see bins of cardboard and wood,’ said Bdeir. ‘We wanted to use the internet as a material. We are at a time and age when that needs to be made available to everyone.'”

Engadget: littleBits’ latest module lets you connect your creations to the internet July 23, 2014

Engadget reported on the launch of the cloudBit and littleBits’ Radioshack debut: “littleBits is announcing the cloudBit, a new module that, as company CEO and founder Ayah Bdeir puts it, allows builders to ‘just add internet’ to almost anything. . . More complex modules — like the Arduino module and today’s WiFi-enabled cloudBit — raise the ceiling of complexity for potential LittleBits projects.”

Engadget: New littleBits modules make the Synth Kit more powerful and versatile June 13, 2014

Engadget wrote about the new Synth kit modules, which were announced today at Sónar in Barcelona. “A new MIDI block lets you hook into music making software like Ableton or Logic, while the CV block means you can connect your littleBits to older/analog gear. If you just want to play with sound, a USB I/O module will let you pipe the littleBits’ audio directly into your PC.”

Featured Products: New Synth Modules
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Inc.: Toys for the Next Generation of Innovators June 1, 2014

The June issue of Inc. Magazine features littleBits in a list of “Toys for the Next Generation of Innovators.” “Bdeir says the kits help kids understand how an elevator door or night-light works–and they’re making their own creations, such as racecars and robots. ‘It’s much more than a toy,’ Bdeir says. ‘It’s an invention tool.'”

Gizmag: littleBits adds Arduino module May 30, 2014

Gizmag wrote a nice piece about the launch of the littleBits Arduino bundle this month. “Littlebits gives young hackers a functioning Arduino programming environment, but without having to fuss with any soldering, wiring or breadboarding. Among the basic projects that come with the kit is a digital Etch-a-sketch tutorial that takes inputs from other LittleBits modules and translates them into images on your connected computer. Other nifty projects include analog Pong and some fun sound tweaks including an 8-bit jukebox.”

Featured Products: Arduino Starter Bundle
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Investor’s Business Daily: Tech Gifts For Your Dad or Grad May 28, 2014

Investor’s Business Daily featured littleBits in a guide to tech gifts for dads and grads.

“The $159 littleBits Synth Kit makes a terrific gift for a budding middle-school musician. . .These small modules include oscillators, a filter, a sequencer, a delay module, a mini-keyboard and more.”

Ayah Bdeir at SOLID: The Internet as Material May 27, 2014

Ayah Bdeir spoke recently at SOLID, an O’Reilly conference that focuses on the intersection of hardware and software. In her presentation, Ayah discussed the promise of the Internet of Things (IoT) and how we can empower people to create their own devices and customized solutions using cloud-connected littleBits.

ABC 7 Chicago: Students Build Robot for Motorola Maker Challenge May 25, 2014

Students in Chicago middle and high schools are using littleBits to build technology solutions to community problems, as part of the Chicago Maker Challenge. A recent segment from ABC 7 Chicago shows students designing and creating “helping bots” for people with disabilities using littleBits triggered by sound and motion.

Inc.: Ayah Bdeir on Hardware Design May 22, 2014

Inc. featured Ayah Bdeir’s talk at SOLID in a piece about the Internet of Things and the future of hardware design.
“Bdeir advised those in the audience to avoid predetermining just one use for their products. . . Through her company, Bdeir has been working on this problem in her own way since 2008. LittleBits creates hardware components that users can combine to form circuits. The idea is to enable users to take virtually any problem that can be solved with a circuit and solve it, regardless of whether or not they have an engineering background.”

Bidness Etc: littleBits of Fun! May 21, 2014

Bidness Etc. profiled littleBits and included a beautiful illustration of the Animatronic Hand project. “The scope of programmable devices that the [Arduino] module offers ranges from building your own computer mouse to the classic pong game. Some of the more intricate projects, such as an animatronic, show the true potential of the module.”

Fast Co.Exist: Making Your Own Programmable Hardware Devices Just Got A Little Easier May 20, 2014

Fast Co.Exist wrote about the littleBits Arduino module and the more sophisticated projects it enables users to build and invent.
“This month, the company announced that it’s getting what may be its most complex module yet: the Arduino at Heart, which lets users incorporate the popular open-source electronics platform into everything they create with littlebits. . .The Arduino at Heart module is part of littleBits’ newfound focus on what Bdeir calls “power”–in this case, giving people the ability to create items with littleBits that are more than fun playthings.”

Featured Products: Arduino at Heart module
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Ars Technica: littleBits introduces Lego-like starter kit May 15, 2014

Ars Technica wrote about the launch of the littleBits Arduino at Heart module and its debut at this weekend’s Maker Faire in San Francisco.
“‘We hope it will pull people in that are interested in Arduino but intimidated by wiring or breadboarding,’ said Paul Rothman of LittleBits . . . ‘It allows people to focus on the programming and really have an emphasis on creating projects or ideas.’”

Engadget: littleBits’ Arduino module puts the focus on programming May 15, 2014

Engadget wrote about today’s launch of the Arduino at Heart module and how it expands the littleBits universe.

“The programmable part gives you much more control over LittleBits’ existing modules, such as the oscillators in the Synth Kit. . . it also opens the door to interaction with your computer.”

Trendhunter: NASA littleBits Space Kit Lets Children Recreate the Mars Rover May 12, 2014

Trendhunter featured the Mars Space Rover in the littleBits Space Kit: “The Space Kit is themed after real building experiments professional NASA engineers and scientists conduct every day at the NASA headquarters. This Mars Rover kit lets users recreate a similar toy version of the real Mars rover NASA sent to explore the red planet.”

Featured Products: Space Kit
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KPCB ProductWorks Design & Tech Talk May 9, 2014

“Ayah Bdeir talks about how the company she founded, the hardware library littleBits, helps people take back some of the power they’ve ceded to electronics and technology simply because they don’t understand how they work. Bdeir outlines how her design-focused approach of making devices modular, magnetic, and scalable puts the power of electronics back into the hands of everyone.”

Posted in: Events, Press Creative Insights: Ayah Bdeir and littleBits May 5, 2014

“Construction sets like LEGOs break down the building blocks of the modern city in a way kids can understand and enjoy. But how do they explore the digital world? Ayah Bdeir applied her engineering background to these “problems of play” and came up with a new kind of toy: littleBits. littleBits make electronics, light, sound, and sensors as easy to play with as LEGOs and Lincoln Logs—combining learning, prototyping, and fun. In this Creative Insights interview, Ayah explains how she created littleBits, grew the toy into a full-fledged company, and learned to accept fame and funding on her own terms.” Build a Spacecraft at Home with NASA-Approved Space Kit May 5, 2014

“A new kit lets kids and adults alike perform experiments and build models of real spacecraft, just like the scientists at NASA.
The NASA-approved littleBits Space Kit teaches users how to build a model of a Mars rover, the International Space Station and a variety of scaled-down experiments that scientists use to explore the solar system. The kit comes complete with 12 modules that users can snap together to complete five lesson plans created by the space agency. LittleBits also provides 10 projects modeled after real experiments that NASA scientists and engineers perform every day.”

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NDTV: How to build your own Nasa-approved Mars Rover April 28, 2014

“Now, you can build your own Mars Rover. The only hassle is that you cannot launch it for the Red Planet!

The space agency Nasa, in partnership with New York-based hardware startup LittleBits, has launched a space kit that enables you to build your own Mars Rover at a school or college lab or at home.

The kit comes with 12 “bit modules” that provide things like power, remote triggering, light sensing and motorization.”

Featured Products: Space Kit
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Liberty Voice: NASA and LittleBits Develop Lego-Like Kits April 27, 2014

“While the real Curiosity Mars rover inspects a slab of sandstone in search of a new place to drill, young engineers, astronauts and physicists now have a more accessible path to their future in science. The work being done on the surface of Mars can now be simulated by Earthbound enthusiasts, both young and old. Though the parts may be Lego-like, NASA and littleBits are counting on having developed a more thorough set of tools to bring the work of space exploration into any classroom or home. It will be interesting to see who the next Stephen Hawking might be and whether he/she cites NASA and littleBits’ Space Kits as part of their early inspiration.”

Featured Products: Space Kit
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CNET: littleBits enters space with NASA-backed kit April 25, 2014

“Designed by NASA scientists and engineers, the $189 kit teaches scientific principles about electromagnetic, kinetic, and potential energy, as well as robotics, physics, astronomy, and wireless data transmission. The Space Kit features five NASA lesson plans, 10 hands-on science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics (STEAM) activities, and 12 modules.”

Featured Products: Space Kit
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Geek Mom: Explore Space with littleBits April 25, 2014

“Having studied electronics in college, I am very familiar with the amount of work that goes into planning a circuit and time that it takes to create a working project. However, within minutes of opening the box I was able to light LEDs, play MP3s, and play with waveforms.”

Featured Products: Space Kit
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Pop Sugar: Tinker Like an Astronaut With the DIY littleBits Space Kit April 25, 2014

“Houston, littleBits Space Kit ($189) has liftoff! The Lego-like modular engineering toy has unveiled a brand-new set developed in collaboration with NASA. The lessons were written by NASA scientists, and the projects have tech-minded DIYers building mini versions of the Mars Rover and International Space Station.”

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Core77: littleBit: Easy Electronics For Rocket Engineers to-be April 25, 2014

“File Under: Real Reasons to Have Kids. If you’re not already familiar, littleBits is a source for super simple snap-together electronics. They operate on a kid- or idiot-friendly design that uses magnets to connect function-specific Bits to each other in endless modular ways. In addition to basic components like motors, sensors, LEDs, switches, usb power sources and inverters, they also batch up kits for the lazy and excitable. The one that got my motor going this week: Space Kit! Among other projects, this kit can help you build a satellite dish, learn how to measure particles in the atmosphere, and make a totally cool ‘robotic space arm’ called THE GRAPPLER.”

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Swiss Miss: littleBits Space Kit April 24, 2014

“Woah! littleBits just launched a Space Kit, in collaboration with NASA.

littleBits is the LEGO of electronics. It’s a library of electronic modules that snap together with magnets for prototyping, learning, and fun.

I am a fan.”

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Computer Magazine: LittleBits’ Space-Themed Electronics Kit Is Plug-and-Play and NASA-Approved April 24, 2014

“Today, LittleBits is introducing a new package called the Space Kit. And it’s doing it in collaboration with the ultimate expert on its theme of space exploration: NASA. The space agency collaborated with the company on the projects supplied with the kit, which provides build-it-yourself desktop versions of some of the devices and technologies used by real astronauts.”

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Reuters: NASA tries space kits to engage kids in science and space April 24, 2014

“Now, NASA, the U.S. space agency, hopes it has found a workaround through new space kits and a collaboration with a New York-based startup called LittleBits.

NASA, through its Aura mission to study the Earth’s ozone layer and climate, is working with LittleBits to develop activities around a new $189 space kit, announced on Thursday.

Using electronic modules such as motors and dimmers that snap together, the creations will perform functions that normally might require hours of tedious tinkering or piles of electronics components.

The new kits are more demanding than playing with snappable blocks like Legos, but far easier than wiring, soldering or programming.”

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Re/code: NASA Ignites Interest in Space With littleBits Partnership April 24, 2014

“In recent weeks, we’ve witnessed the relaunch of Cosmos, the discovery of an Earth-like planet a mere 500 light years away and the detection of ripples in space-time that appear to be the ‘first tremors of the Big Bang.’ So the timing couldn’t be much better for the latest news from LittleBits. The New York startup creates building blocks for the Information Age, colorful electronic modules like motors, speakers and wires that students, hobbyists or engineers can magnetically snap together into increasingly complex do-it-yourself projects.”

Featured Products: Space Kit
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WIRED: Build Your Own Mini Mars Rover With These Brilliant, NASA-Approved Blocks April 24, 2014

“Turns out, the scientists at NASA were pretty excited about the experiments they were conducting on a daily basis, the kinds of unsexy things that put kids to sleep in science class. It was up to littleBits to take those concepts and distill them down into digestible, hardware-based projects that would actually capture their attention.”

Featured Products: Space Kit
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Wall Street Journal: NASA Space Kit by LittleBits: A Starter Satellite for Your Kid Astronaut April 24, 2014

“’We try to sense the pulse of society and figure out the fields that people are interested in, but also a bit scared of—engineering, music, space,’ she said. ‘Collaborators like Korg and NASA help us do that, help us show that these fields don’t have to be intimidating.’”

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The Verge: NASA wants you to build your own Mars Rover April 24, 2014

“Crafting a Mars Rover requires a few arts and crafts items not included in the Space Kit — scissors, tape, and paper tube — but the pre-fab blocks are a snap compared to what NASA was using for its earlier lessons, when Butcher was jury rigging equipment herself. ‘It takes this complex science and makes it fun and accessible’ says Butcher.”

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TIME: littleBits’ Space-Themed Electronics Kit Is Plug-and-Play and NASA-Approved April 24, 2014

“Today, LittleBits is introducing a new package called the Space Kit. And it’s doing it in collaboration with the ultimate expert on its theme of space exploration: NASA. The space agency collaborated with the company on the projects supplied with the kit, which provides build-it-yourself desktop versions of some of the devices and technologies used by real astronauts.”

Featured Products: Space Kit
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