February Inventor Club Call: We’re shaking things up!

Trying out a new Club Call format

February 15, 2018

Guess what? This month, the Inventor Club Call will look a little different based on some suggestions from YOU. The Community squad is trying out two changes:

    We know that you Club Leaders are located all over the world and in loads of different time zones, so it can be hard for many of you to attend our live Club Calls. With a live format, it’s impossible to have everyone participating at once! So this month, we’re recording our call ahead of time, and posting it at the end of the month to the Club Leader Facebook group and Club Leader Toolkit*. This way, comments, questions, and suggestions can all go directly on the Facebook post, allowing everyone to get involved in the video discussion.
    We want our monthly video spots to offer you and your Club something new, exciting, and inspiring, so we’re shortening the call to hone in on the best part of past calls: guest Tips & Tricks! February’s video will feature kinetic machine ideas for the current Make it Move challenge, featuring linkages, gears, and pulleys.

Look out for this month’s video on Monday, February 27, 2018 in the Facebook group or in the Toolkit.

*Don’t have access to the Club Leader Toolkit? Email [email protected]