Kids in Flint “Invent for Good” with littleBits

April 20, 2016


On April 2nd, littleBits teamed up with the Office of Michigan State Senator James Ananich and the Flint Public Library to hold an Invent For Good workshop for kids and parents in Flint, Michigan. Over 40 kids (and 3 news crews!) attended and were challenged to invent something that solves a real world problem using design thinking, engineering and collaboration skills.

Favorite Inventions

One of our favorite inventions was a tickle machine. It’s simplicity was perfection. Who couldn’t use a good tickle to take their mind off things?



Medication Reminder


This invention alerts people to take their medication using sensors and alarms and then brings them their medication – very cool and super helpful! It was really special to see all our inventors at the table use their smaller inventions to work together and make one great invention.

Helping Hand


This inventor thought of making a hand for people who cannot use theirs so they can wave to people for help.

Intruder Alarm


This inventor used green foam to camouflage his alarm in grass – that way an intruder wouldn’t see the pressure sensors!

Butterfly Mixers


The prettiest inventions of the day came from this table. They used butterflies to make their mixers for people who need to mix medicine in their drinks.

Watch the news coverage below!

WJRT (ABC) – Flint, MI ABC 12 News

WEYI (NBC) – Flint, MI NBC 25 News

WJRT (ABC) – Flint, MI ABC 12 News Watch Here

WJRT (ABC) – Flint, MI ABC 12 News Watch Here

WSMH (FOX) – Flint, MI FOX 66 News Watch Here

WEYI (NBC) – Flint, MI NBC 25 News Watch Here