December 3, 2014

Meet The Maker: Ed Bear, Engineer at littleBits

By ad min, at littleBits

Meet Ed Bear

ed-01 My maker superpower is re-imagining the mundane and assumed I am inspired by Nikola Tesla and John Coltrane. At littleBits I  arrange patterns of energy vibrations on complicated geometric patterns etched on the surface of the purest crystal humans can grow.  Then I focus and express those vibrations with larger geometries of metals, glasses, fires, and bulk crystals to create perceivable media and simulations of maths. I also worked on the IR-transmitter, threshold & Cloud bits in the SmartHome kit. My advice for others making bits is to keep trying!  nothing is harder than making something no one else every has before! My dream bit is a radio transmitter!!! Learn more about IR transmitter over here. closeup_IR_transmitter_NO_callouts

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