April 13, 2018

It’s National Library Week, and there’s someone we want you to meet

By Allison VanNest, Head of Communications at littleBits

Last year, Pew Research Center found that Millennials are the generation most likely to use public libraries, suggesting that even in the age of digitization, the library is not obsolete.
As National Library Week comes to a close, the littleBits team wanted to take a moment to recognize all the librarians we work with each year who are committed to providing kids (and adults) with the most useful spaces possible to learn and grow. And we wanted to introduce you to one, in particular.

Meet Marion the Librarian

Sandra Wiseman is a Library Media Specialist TIS at Woodsdale Elementary School in Wheeling, West Virginia. With nearly 500 students making use of her school’s library on a regular basis, Sandra knew she needed a helper — so she created a Droid named Marion the Librarian.

Props to Sandra, who has worked in the library for more than 35 years and is still thinking outside the box to keep her students engaged! We caught up with her to ask a few questions about where she gets her inspiration.

Why did you become a librarian?

“In second grade I wrote an essay about being a teacher and I never wavered in that decision as I grew older. I loved working with kids and I thought the classroom is where I belonged. Then in junior high I had a librarian who was very supportive and she suggested that I combine my love of working with kids and my interest in reading and become a librarian. I followed her advice and I so glad I did. I’ve loved every one of my 35 years working in a school library.”

What is your favorite part of the job?

“I think variety is what I like best. My days are never the same. I see different children with different abilities and interests. One minute we are wiring R2D2 to run an obstacle course using littleBits to electrify book characters and the next I’m helping a first grader find a just right book.”

What is your hope for the future of STEM education?

“I have worked in education long enough to know that trends come and go. I hope that the emphasis on STEM is here to stay. I also hope all children at all grade levels have access to quality STEM programming. It is so important to their future and to our future as a country. We need more problem solvers and inventors. We need to bring creativity back into our classrooms. I would also hope that STEM activities become more embedded in the curriculum and not taught as an additional class or a special activity.”
Sandra, keep up the good work. And to all the librarians out there — we see you, and you’re doing a great job. Happy National Library Week!
Check out littleBits’ Droid Inventor Kit to make your own version of Marion the Librarian.

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