September 14, 2016

Over 2,000 students rocked the NYC DOE STEM Summer In The City Program

By ad min, at littleBits
never-quit This summer, littleBits participated in NYC Department of Education’s STEM Summer in the City Program. For 5 weeks, 105 teachers used littleBits to teach 2,100 students lessons such as Invent a Self Driving CarInvent A Throwing Arm. Kids also participated in open challenges like Invent for Good and created games with their inventions. Here’s a rundown of the favorite things we saw and heard at summer school.  

From Teachers


“I give the instructions for the challenge, and kids said ‘I’m gonna create something else,’ I told them to ‘Go for it!’”


“The students learned to be creative and independent.”


“It’s so easy to use for so many different learners.”


From Students


“We get to play with what engineers get to play with!”


“When I grow up I want to make mechanical angel wings.”


“It lets me be creative and opens my mind.”


“I like using littleBits because I can finally use a machine without my parents watching me!”

  thank-you   — Arjun Srivatsa Content Producer

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