Prototyping with littleBits: Case Studies

July 23, 2014

The truth about electronics is that it’s hard. It takes a lot of time and dedication to see through the soldering, broken circuits and iterations. The result is that many people who actually do enjoy the design process and making, don’t know it because of the high barrier to entry. littleBits wants to change that: one designer, educator, artist, child, person at a time. Electronics should be accessible to anyone! This summer, we embarked on a series of case studies to show how different people, with varying backgrounds of electronics, can use littleBits to solve their problems.

Whether you’re a technologist taking your prototyping time from one day to 20 minutes [See Incredible Machines] , or a farmer looking for a way to remotely monitor your chickens [See Andy Reed], littleBits is the most flexible electronics platform to invent anything. Check out the videos below to meet some very special people who brought their ideas to life with littleBits.

Prototyping with littleBits

Havas, Integrating Marketing Agency
Jeremy Blum, Google Astronaut + Maker/Educator
Incredible Machines, Design Collective
Andy Reed, Maker Dad