Tips & Tricks: Mounting Board

October 27, 2016




The mounting board allows you to keep your circuit intact and move it around with ease! It can, at times, require a high skill level to correctly mount your Bits to the mounting board, especially when creating mechanical inventions like the BitBot. For best results, we recommend that you follow the 10 tips below.


We have a happiness guarantee, so if you need help with your mounting boards or your kit, please contact our customer service team at [email protected] and we will be able to troubleshoot or address any questions you have.




1. Snap the Bits together BEFORE connecting your circuit to the mounting board. Only add or remove Bits to and from your circuit off of the mounting board.




2. Press your circuit all the way into the mounting board by applying even pressure on the bitSnaps. Do not push down on any other part of the Bits when pressing them into the mounting board, as this may damage your product. Triple check your work by pinching the BitSnaps and mounting board together.




3. Remove Bits by gently pulling on the connected bitSnaps. Attempting to remove the Bits from one end of the circuit or one Bit at a time may damage your product.




4. Work on a hard flat surface when pressing your circuit onto the mounting board. Working on an uneven surface like carpet or your lap could make it difficult to firmly press your Bits into the board.




5. Make your circuit extra secure using pipe cleaners, twist ties, or string. This works especially well with the DC motor, using the two holes in its plastic casing.




6. Don’t let Bits hang off of the edge of the mounting board. Leaving them hanging might cause Bits to pop off of the mounting board, and could even damage your Bits. If your circuit is too big to fit, it might be better to use both sides of the board, add another mounting board, or use a different accessory like Bit shoes.




7. Keep power cables and batteries disconnected while you work. This makes it easier to attach your circuit onto the mounting board. You can then add the power cables and batteries on last.




8. Make sure the back feet of the power Bits are firmly pressed into the mounting board.




9. If you have trouble pressing the circuit into a specific place, try pressing it onto a different part of the mounting board.




10. The mounting board is double-sided, but we recommend primarily using the “front” side of the mounting board for best results. When using the “back,” make extra sure the Bits are completely pressed into the board, and not hitting the raised edge of the board.




BONUS! Use the smaller holes on the four corners of the mounting board and #6 screws (included in the Rule Your Room Kit, as well as the Gizmos & Gadgets, 2nd Edition) to permanently attach your mounting board to any hard surface, like the wall or the wooden armature of your next big invention!




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