November 6, 2018

We Are All “That Kid”

Thanks for celebrating those kids with us!

By Eric Drumm, Head of Social Media at littleBits

Last week, littleBits introduced the world to an important mission when we launched a video about “that kid.” In reaction to the video, we received a tidal wave of support and personal stories from people all over the world who see themselves as that kid — and who want to celebrate the ingenuity, spirit, and passion of those kids everywhere.

While the video captures the ethos of littleBits, we were excited to see that it also exemplifies the kids, parents, administrators, and executives that we work with every day. We heard the stories of successful makers who used to build things out of old junk, of parents and teachers telling us about their crazy, creative kids, the kind who asks 500 questions and is never satisfied with the answer.

It was truly incredible to see how “that” kid could resonate so deeply with so many different people. Check out some of the stories on social media. And thank you to all who shared, liked, retweeted, and watched. Follow us on social at @littleBits for more information about #MakingChangemakers!

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