12 inventions made by teachers & students

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We love educators that are always testing out new ways to bring creativity to the classroom. So many teachers harness the power of innovation in their learning communities to bring their students the magic of invention. Check out these 12 inventions that were created in the classroom, and start to think about how you can bring invention to your students! 1. Sorting hat Do you have a class full of magicians and wizards? They’ll love this Harry Potter-inspired device that chooses students at random. And, it’s also great for classroom management. 2. Beating heart Learn about the heart muscle in science class and your budding inventors can build a glowing, beating heart, too. Talk about mixing electricity and circulation! 3. Haunted tornado house Want to add some art into your STEAM lessons? Students can build creative dioramas that are powered by Bits, like this haunted tornado house invention. It’s spooky and oh-so-imaginative. 4. Birthday cake Even class parties can be fun learning experiences! If you’re getting ready to celebrate a holiday or a school achievement, play and build a birthday cake. Don’t forget to bring in some sweet treats, too. 5. Glow bug Inventing in class gives so many students pride and creative confidence. Students, like this young inventor, can master their knowledge on bioluminescence and take major steps on their creative confidence journey. 6. BitOlympic gymanstics Making models just got a whole lot more interesting with this gymnastics device. Students can collaborate in a group project to make an Olympic athlete, uneven bars, a balance beam, and a judge’s score board. 7. Portable book light Yes, you can totally invent in English class. Readers will love making their own personal book lights so they can read after the lights go out. 8. Light-up LEGO city LEGOs aren’t just for playtime. Bring them into your classroom and your students can design their own city. Then, power it up with Bits! 9. Future baby stroller This 4th grade class create a baby stroller of the future. They used different Bits to make a motion-triggered buzzer, a cover for rain, motor-powered mobile, a light decoration, a long light for night stroll, a pressure-sensor switch for the fan to combat air pollution, and a pillow that has a vibration motor for parents to wake up the baby. 10. The reading arm Your future scientists and engineers can also create devices that help others. This invention helps with homework and makes completing tasks easier. Plus, the device can also be a helpful tool for people with mobility disabilities. 11. Magical mail Magical Mail Delivery (no owl required!) from Cindy McGee on Vimeo. Take English Language Arts to the next level. Book lovers and Harry Potter fans will love collaborating to build their own magical mail devices. And this time, no owl needed! 12. Sound detected night light Remix the night light! Students can engineer a light that turns on by detecting sound. Mix in a 3D printer and your class is ready to customize the lamp to their liking. – Stephanie Valente Content Manager

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