24 Hours of Smart Home

By admin

To celebrate the release of the SmartHome kit today we have put together something very special for all you Bit’sters out there looking for ideas to bring your home into the 21st century. From the early morning into the deep night- we like to say that there’s no place like Smart Home.

Without further ado, enjoy these vines walking you through 24 hours in Smart Home. Let us know on twitter which one is your favorite!


8:00 AM

Say goodbye to your boring alarm clock & wakeup smart ! Make this.

9:00 AM

Can’t….work….before….coffee! Use the Smart Home Kit to make your dumb coffee machine smart! Make this.

12:00 PM

Save energy and your ravioli. Use the Smart Home Kit to make your fridge text you when its door is ajar. Make this.

3:00 PM

How’s your pooch doing? Track your dog’s barks while you’re away using the Smart Home Kit. Make this.

5:00 PM

Here’s a lightbulb moment: Use the Smart Home Kit to control your lights from your phone. Eureka! Make this.

6:00 PM

Unwanted visitors when you return from work. We got you covered. Scare burglars with style. Make this.


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