3 reasons educators are signing up for CMK 2017

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Hey educators! Want to ramp up your teaching practices this summer AND get a chance to speak with educational pioneers, bestselling authors, and inventors of educational technologies you use in the classroom? Well, we’ve got the neatest conference for you – and it just so happens that our one and only littleBits Founder & CEO Ayah Bdeir will be a featured guest speaker at it. We’re talking about the Constructing Modern Knowledge conference, happening this July.

Constructing Modern Knowledge is more than a conference. It’s a gathering of educators committed to creativity, collaboration, and computing. At the conference you can share your knowledge, interact with speakers, get feedback on your work, and learn about the latest technologies and ideas that are shaping the classroom.

Here’s why we think you should sign up!

1. You’ll grow as an educator

The main reason you go to conferences is to develop as a thinker and an educator. At Constructing Modern Knowledge, you’ll learn how to use innovative tech tools (like littleBits!) to build projects that provide personal meaning for students, and get kids learning by doing. You’ll also interact with some of the best minds in the field on what works, what doesn’t, and what the future of education will look like.

2. You’ll meet your heroes

CMK participants return home able to say, “I spent time with one of my heroes,” rather than “I heard X speak.” Joining Ayah will be MacArthur Genius Educator Deborah Meier, and Professor Neil Gershenfeld, a maker movement pioneer (among other enlightening individuals!). You’ll have opportunities to work intimately with world-class faculty at the conference, as well as the guest speakers. That means you won’t just hear Ayah speak – you may even get to ask for her input on that project you’re working on.

3. You’re getting a discount

To help celebrate CMK’s 10-year anniversary, there’ll be an exclusive registration discount for friends of littleBits. Registration includes participation in all presentations, tutorials, conversations & projects, an institute dinner, a “Big Night Out on the Town” in Boston beginning with a reception at the MIT Media Lab, all institute materials, as well as access to the Constructing Modern Knowledge materials library.

To take advantage of the discount, head to constructingmodernknowledge.com and enter the code littleBitsfriend for $50 off.

We hope to see you there!

For more information on CMK 2017, click here.

Grace Morales
Education Marketing Coordinator


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