3 Summer Camp Winners Who Make Us Rethink How We Play Electronic Music

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Summer camp will never be the same again. You made beats, you invented instruments, you held robot dance parties, you became a DJ – you even uplifted the buzzer bit to a new aesthetic level! And you had a really good time doing it.

To all of you who participated, a resounding thank you for rocking out and getting funky with Bits. You stepped up to the challenge and joined thousands around the world for National Week of Making. You inspire us.

Here are the three winners of the Summer Camp Music Challenge:

#NationOfMakers _ Challenge 1 by Mattia Zucchelli

Mattia is a student at the Berklee School of Music in Boston. His “goal was to create a musical sequence” and he certainly enchanted our judges with his ethereal sounds. Why did he take the challenge? He “thought [it] would be an inspiring way to show how versatile the Synth Kit is.”

For Mattia, the Synth Kit “takes advantage of the limitless combinations that technology and electronics offer, to go beyond the traditional ‘rules’ of music!”


Beat Wheel&Cheeseboard Keyboard by bitCaper
Janet Caper is a music education professor at Westminster Choir College in Princeton, New Jersey. She had a silly sequencer and beat maker idea that made our judges jaws drop. Her invention is a wonderful reminder of how important it is to play with your food.


#NationOfMakers Robot dancing to electronic music by Yuziana
Electronic instruments are not in short supply for inventor family duo Yuziana and Carl Mangold (check out their Inventor Profile!). They have created an Electronic Trombone and more musical robots, but our judges loved the cardboard sequencer and spacey sounds it made.


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