Did you know that retailers sell more than 200 million bottles of bubbles each year?
Of course, where there’s bubbles, there’s typically some kind of bubble-making device. Whether it be a simple bubble wand or a more elaborate bubble rocket, bubble dispensers are getting more creative than ever.
Instead of just blowing bubbles this summer, what about encouraging your kids to make their own bubble-blowing devices? Using household objects and a few of our favorite Bits, you can create big, beautiful bubbles as if by magic.
Take a look at some of our favorite bubble blowers.
Bubble Bot
Earlier this year, littleBits officially introduced the Bubble Bot as one of its new Hall of Fame Kits. The kits are based on popular inventions submitted by our community. The Bubble Bot Kit has been a huge hit! It comes with everything kids need to build their own bubble-blowing robot.

Bubble Charmer
Bubble Charmer Invention from littleBits
Can you charm bubbles out of a bot with a single tune? Play this exotic, bubble-charming flute by placing your finger over the light sensor.
This project is a remix of the Bubble Bot, above. You can start either build the Bubble Charmer from scratch or if you already made the Bubble Bot, just make a few small adjustments to your circuit.
Bubble Generator

One of our friends from Ukraine, invented an awesome Bubble Generator that creates bubbles using a “hand” that puts a fan into bubble liquid. It can start and stop when necessary, and it even counts number of bubbles produced.
Let your creativity “bubble” to the top this summer! And don’t forget to share your bubble-related inventions with @littleBits — we love to see what you’re creating.

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