4 games you can build & code with the littleBits Code Kit

By sarah

Educators, it’s time to get your game on. We just announced that we’re launching a new code kit for education (shipping in June; taking purchase orders now) and it’s all about building and coding electronic games. This should come as no surprise to educators – they’ve known since the beginning of time that games are the best way to get students engaged and learning.

With the littleBits Code Kit, students build inventions with littleBits electronic building blocks, then bring them to life by doing some simple drag-and-drop coding in the computer-based littleBits Code Kit app. The code is transmitted over Bluetooth wireless technology to the invention, which kids can then play with. They can even head back to the app to change the code and change the game, making their own rules.

So what games can students build & code? It starts with these 4 inventions, but the Bits and code can be arranged in infinite ways to create games limited only by students’ imaginations.

littleBits Code Kit Tug-of-War

1. Tug-of-War

It’s a field day favorite, gone electronic. Students will create an invention and code the LED matrix to move the “flag” across the screen based on how quickly each of the two players presses their button Bit. Fastest fingers wins!

Coding Concepts: Functions, algorithms, loops, conditionals, variables, operators


littleBits Code Kit Rockstar Guitar

2. Rockstar Guitar

Create a classroom that really rocks. In this invention, students code an 8-note scale that blasts from the speaker Bit, and lights up corresponding LEDs on the matrix. Maybe it’s time to start a class rock band?

Coding Concepts:Complex conditionals, algorithms, loops, variables, operators


littleBits Code Kit Ultimate Shootout

3. Ultimate Shootout

Now you can put your students’ paper footballs to good use. They’ll be coding a scoreboard that sits on top of the goalpost. Every time a ball hits the target behind the goal, a point is recorded. She shoots….she scores!

Coding Concepts: Loops, conditionals, variables, algorithms


littleBits Code Kit Hot Potato...of Doom

4. Hot Potato…of Doom

Players pass around an invention they’ve coded as a countdown timer. They’ll also program a menacing alert that gains speed as it nears the end of time. Last player holding the invention when the time’s up is out!

Coding Concepts: Operators, algorithms, loops, conditionals, variables


Want to learn more about the littleBits Code Kit? You can catch a sneak peek here, or head to the littleBits blog to read more.

Sarah Woodard


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