4 ways to ace test prep with littleBits!

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Whether you’re prepping for finals or state testing in the classroom (or at home!), every kid can add helpful test prep tips to their learning toolkit. For many learners and educators, test prep is a daunting and boring task in each lesson. When kids are unmotivated and disengaged, the learning process halts. So, bring playtime and fun to your test prep training by adding littleBits into the mix. Students will be engaged and follow a path of guided interest-based learning. [photo] Check out these 4 tips to rejuvenate test prep and inject some creative fun into it. 1. Build a device to help your inventors to stay organized. Organization is the major key to success in any study session or practice exercise. Make a reading timer, a book light, or a document holder to keep your activities running smoothly. These clever inventions will keep everything in its right place. And, students will be able to review and learn with ease. 2. Have your future engineers collaborate and teach each other. Breaking into study groups or paired partner work gives kids support from their peer community, and it also enables them to learn from each other. Partners can teach each other how an invention was made and why it works. They can also collaborate to solve problems or answer each others’ questions. Have them collaborate and build a quizzing device together to stay on top of essential content and facts. 3. Design inventions to stay calm and collected before the test. Being fully prepared for a test – including being on time and getting sleep the week before – ensures success with flying colors. Kids can build an alarm clock, a sleep analyzer, and an arrival estimator that will help them feel ready to tackle on any question. 4. Take a break and be creative without an end goal. De-stressing is a great way for kids to stay on the test-prep success track. By letting loose and having fun, children open up their minds for taking creative risks and growing their imaginations. By injecting this element of fun and play into the day, these future scientists and engineers will develop their critical thinking skills while they’re inventing. Engaging inventions to consider could be a synth keytar, an inchworm, an interactive game, an indoor sport, or an art spinner. – Stephanie Valente Content Manager

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