5 Animal Projects

By Adam Skobodzinski

littleBits bring projects to life, so it’s no surprise there’s so many littleBits animal projects! Check out the creations below and then make one of your own.

1. Angler Fish by Ms. Ross

Angler Fish

The angler fish is a spooky creature of the sea! When the motion trigger is activated, it buzzes and lights up. Make your own angler fish with 6 Bits and 6 household materials.

2. Night Cat by Ness&Friends

When Ness and his family moved to a new neighborhood, they were inspired to make a doorbell to attract new visitors. Night cat lights up when visitors approach, prompting them to press its’ nose and sound the buzzer!

3. Lion and Cat by CCPMoS

Lion and Cat

We love how bright this project is! Follow CCPMoS’ lead and draw and cut out an animal of your own, then make its’ eyes light up.

4. Jaws Light and Motion Shark Project by coco53330

We love the Hollywood approach that coco53330 took on this project. Watch as the DC motor makes Jaws’ head turn as he swims the light wire ocean!

5. Mr. Whiskers by littleBits

Mr Whiskers

Mr. Whiskers is littleBits’ office pet. His tongue cleverly disguises the pressure sensor. When you squeeze his tongue, it activates the vibration motor in his bell and the DC motor in his tail. Make this adorable creation for your office!

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