5 game-changing spring break invention ideas

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The seasons are getting ready to change, and that means it might be time for spring break! Keep your curious and budding engineer busy every day during the break with these engaging, exciting, and hands-on invention ideas.

Check out these 5 inventions to keep your kid tinkering, exploring, and making.

1. Make a device that helps other people.

Use spring break to invent for good! Inventors big and small can make devices that solve a problem and make a difference in someone else’s life. From prosthetic arms and echolocation detectors to bionic eyes and cat socializing devices, these Invent For Good creations will change the world you live in.

2. Invent for your furry friend.

Do you own a dog or a cat? Design an invention to help out your pet! Whether it’s a device to calm down anxious pups, an automatic pet crate, or a gadget to feed your kitty treats, there’s definitely something you can make for your favorite and furry family member.

3. Design something that glows.

Engineer an illuminated object or create something that sparkles. Brighten up your world (or at least your home!) with a Disney Tangled lantern, an illuminated pineapple, Disney Frozen Olaf eyes, or a sound-detecting night light.

4. Become an engineer and a rockstar.

Get ready to make some sweet tunes! Design a Bitified electric guitar, make distortion pedal sounds, or hack an acoustic guitar to play itself. You’ll be jamming in no time.

5. Hack your room.

Spend spring break transforming your space from ordinary to AWESOME. Decorate your room with moving posters, rotolamps, and creepy eye balls. Don’t forget to protect your stuff with a burglar buzzer or a super secret spy box!

Happy inventing!

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