5 major benefits your budding engineer gains from littleBits

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It’s no secret that littleBits technology kits are fun and easy to use. But did you know there are some key skills that you and your young inventor gain from creating inventions with your kit? Yes, way!

From confidence and learning to perspective and problem-solving skills, littleBits can help your kid build his or her strengths. Here are 5 major benefits of experimenting and inventing with littleBits that will benefit your child in the short and long term.

1. Creative confidence and perseverance. Kids can harness technology from the world around them to invent and express themselves. They develop perseverance and creative confidence as they encounter a problem, struggle with it, and experiment with possible solutions. Through this process, budding inventors are more likely to take a risk in developing a new idea. They won’t be afraid to fail – in fact, they’ll learn from their setbacks.

2. Real-world learning. littleBits allows kids to solve real-world problems with real technology. And, to have fun creating elaborate moving animatronics to push their creative boundaries. Plus, kids use these skills to become producers, not just consumers of technology and media. Instead of mindlessly clicking and scrolling, kids can create their own fun, smart, and inventive content that inspires others.

3. Collaboration. Young inventors learn to work together to solve problems. They learn to communicate their ideas, give and receive constructive feedback about their inventions. This a serious benefit when it’s used in the classroom, and will also help your child in their future career.

4. Problem-solving and critical thinking skills. Kids learn how to think about a problem, then reflect on how they respond to it with a possible solution. For example: button Bit or light sensor? Motor or buzzer? Tape or twisty ties? How will this invention come to life? Instead of getting frustrated by a question, a curious engineer will be inspired by it.

5. Pride. Showing off their inventions to the local community and beyond cultivates a sense of pride in kids. It tells the world they can invent things that move and make an impact. It’s simply priceless.

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