5 Materials in the littleBits Toolbox

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littleBits are the foundation for so many artistic and functional projects. These projects include an array of materials, but we do have our favorites. Here are five of Team littleBits’ go-to materials:

Screen Shot 2013-07-24 at 9.55.45 AM

1. Glue Dots

These small, round wonders are easy to clean up and provide a great deal of support for our creations. In Monster Ball, glue dots were used to adhere the monster face to the cereal box.


2. Styrofoam balls

To give projects function and design, we often turn to Styrofoam balls. They have played many parts in littleBits projects, including the moon, curtains and night eyes.


3. Paper Towel rolls

At littleBits HQ, every paper towel roll is saved for our design team to reuse. Edwin Sanook’s trunk is our most adorable use of paper towel rolls yet.


4. Pipe Cleaners

We keep a variety of colored and glittery pipe cleaners on our craft wall, at all times. They have been featured in several projects, including Mr. Whiskers – our office cat.



5. Colored Tape

To keep projects together – and provide decoration, we always have a variety of colored duct tape on hand. Our Drum and Bass bling is a great example of how awesome this resource is.



What are your favorite materials? Tell us in the comments below!


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