5 Ways to go Back to School in Style

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Prepare yourself, it’s back to school season! Time to stock up on supplies, and make a few of your own! These simple DIY projects only require a Starter Kit, Light It Pack and a few minutes of time.

1. Backpack Light
Never lose a pen, pencil or homework assignment again! This simple light makes it easy to see if anything has fallen down into the depths of your backpack.

2. Class Countdown
It’s the final countdown! Keep track of the time until school is out with this nifty scheduler.


3. Secret Note Reader
Pass secret notes that only you and your friends will be able to read with our super stealthy secret note reader.

IMG_8407_SecretNoteReader2LR IMG_8413_SecretNoteReader3LR

4. Locker Prank
Keep your classmates on their toes and surprise them with this locker prank.

5. Desk Lamp 
Conserve energy with this desk lamp that only lights up when you put something on it.

Ready to DIY some school supplies? Head over to the shop to get started!


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