6 kid inventors to inspire you on National Make A Difference Day

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I broke my arm when I was 6. Suddenly, it was impossible to get mac ‘n cheese from my bowl into my noodle hole without dropping most of each spoonful. I would have loved a helpful invention that scooped up those tasty yellow elbows and carried them to my mouth. If my brother and I had littleBits at the time, I’d like to think he would have invented one for me.

Everyone has difficulties like this – sometimes they’re temporary like a broken arm, but sometimes they’re permanent. The bright side is that we all have the ability to help make people’s lives better. And today, we celebrate that! Today is National Make A Difference Day. It empowers everyone to get involved in community service, and unites us under the common mission to improve the lives of others.

How can you participate in National Make A Difference Day? Just grab some Bits! Inventor kids all over the world have created littleBits inventions that blew our minds as part of our #InventForGood Challenge. Check out a few of our favorites to get inspired.

1. Social cat by dolf

This invention helps socialize cats in shelters and make them more friendly and adoptable, preventing the 1.5 million euthanizations that occur each year.


2. Car for disabled by bing jiang

This special car lets you use your hands to control the gas and break instead of the foot pedals. Now people without the use of their feet or legs can get around town themselves!

3. Automatic dog care system by bing jiang

People with mobility issues often can’t care for a dog. But this invention helps you play with and exercise your dog, making pet ownership possible for more people.


4. Sense-o-scope by cara l

Many people, especially on the autism spectrum, find bright lights and noises overwhelming. This invention signals when there’s a chaotic environment, so you can find a place to calm down.


5. Prosthetic arm by drthuler

Life is now easier for people with amputated limbs – this prosthetic arm can grab things and pick them up with four fingers and an opposable thumb.

6. Bat vision by anahit

This ingenious invention detects obstacles using echolocation – just like bats! It tells you if something is in the way, so people with limited vision can walk around without incident.


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