7 new inventions to build with your cloudBit Starter Kit

By Adam Skobodzinski

We love the cloudBit Starter Kit, and we know our creative inventor community does, too! They’ve all created the SMS Doorbell, a Pet Feeder, a Weather Monitor, and more. If you have the cloudBit Starter Kit and have already created the 5 inventions that come with it, why not design and innovate an invention that doesn’t come from the box?

Here are some cool new inventions made by our clever community members with the popular cloudBit Starter Kit. Can you create something unique like they did? Get some inspiration below and upload your new invention to our site!

1. Clean Laundry Alert

This clever invention will send you an SMS message when your laundry is done. When the dryer buzzers, you’ll receive a text that says your laundry is done!

2. Lightsaber

There’s nothing better than designing your very own lightsaber. Control it with cloudBit and save the universe in no time.

3. Twinky Ball

This ball glows when you receive a social media notification: red for Gmail and green for Facebook. Never miss an update!

4. Bottle Dispenser

Do you have a little one in the house? If you’re feeding a newborn and have baby brain, this device will track how many bottles you use, as well as the time and date in Google Sheets.

5. Save Tinkerbell

In stage productions of Peter Pan, Tinkerbell is represented by a darting light and ringing bells. With this invention, clap and tweet #SaveTinkerbell. Soon enough, you will hear Tinkerbell’s synthy sounds and see her twinkle bright.

6. BitCraft Chicken Cannon

There is nothing better than a good chicken cannon in Minecraft. Except one that is triggered by littleBits button. Use the cloudBit to make it happen!

7. Wind Speed Monitor

Do you love to sail or surf? Invent this device with the cloudBit Starter Kit to track wind speeds of 10 mph or higher.

Stephanie Valente
Content Manager


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