7 spring invention ideas

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Well Bitsters, it’s officially spring! We couldn’t be more excited here at littleBits HQ in NYC – the days are getting brighter and warmer. So, let’s celebrate the change of seasons with blooming flowers, weather forecasting devices, and sunshine-triggered alarm clocks!

What will you be making this spring? Check out these 7 inventions for some inspiration.

1. Monarch Butterfly Migration

Don’t just read about monarch butterflies! Instead, make a hands-on invention that explains their migration cycle. And, it glows in the dark.

2. E-flower

This connected smart plant moves to make sure your petite plant gets enough spring sunshine to grow and thrive. Talk about an innovative green thumb.

3. Weather Forecast Device

A five year old girl made this weather predictor machine! Push a button and get your daily weather forecast. This invention also doubles as an interactive storytelling device: Rabbit, Mouse, and Frog love sunny, cloudy, and rainy weather respectively.

4. Van Gogh’s Sunflowers

Looking to brighten up your walls? A moving poster will do the trick! this reimagined artwork of Van Gogh’s Sunflowers is bright, colorful, and cheery – oh, and it’s totally powered by you and your Bits. Wow!

5. Dream Flowers

Create beautiful concentric circles that transform into dancing flowers. They look magnificent in any room or window.

6. Good Morning Sunshine Alarm

This cloud-connected circuit that automatically opens up your curtains and plays a wake-up sound every morning at sunrise (or any other time of your choosing).

7. Automated Garden Watering System

Through the magic of littleBits, IFTTT and Google, you can engineer a device that monitors your garden and waters it for you. How innovative is that?

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