8 inventions that aren’t in your Synth Kit

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We know that you’re a synth music lover. You’ve created, played, and composed songs all with this jam-packed modular synthesizer kit. You created your very own Keytar and a DJ Spin Table, but now what? You’re certainly not done taking over the world of music – so here are 8 new types of tunes and inventions you can make with your Synth Kit. Rock on, Bitsters! 1. Go pro. Turn your synthesizer into a pro set-up and you’ll be blasting beats in no time. 2. Make it a double. Build a double-necked Super Synth Guitar that rocks as hard as you do. Cheap Trick, who? 3. Hack some oscillators. Create extra waveforms. Layer it with your tunes! 4. Create a singing bird. A beautiful paper bird learns to sing with our Synth Kit. It’s such a lovely and engaging weekend project. 5. Reinvent the family band. Invent music with your dad (or your kid!). Get ready to be the best parent-child synth duo out there. We heard Depeche Mode needs an opening act… 6. Design a disco dance floor. Make a mini dance floor and just add in flashing lights, synth, and finger puppets. It’s so cool. 7. Compose a whale song. Design a whale song and make your device move via remote trigger. Synth + marine science = awesome. 8. Engineer a dance-trument. Use the Bluetooth Low Energy Bit with your Synth Kit to make a dance-controlled instrument! By shaking your phone you can trigger the sequencer to play, so now instead of the music controlling your dance moves, your dance moves control the music. – Stephanie Valente Content Manager

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