A Love Letter to “That” Kid

By Allie VanNest

littleBits believes tomorrow’s leaders are today’s kids — so we created a virtual love letter to these kids, as well as the parents and teachers that are raising them.

Our campaign celebrates “that” kid: the curious, the tenacious, the brave, the rebellious, the daydreamer. The kid who asks 500 questions and is never satisfied with the answer. The kid that started a business selling their sibling’s toys in school. The kid that pulled apart their parents’ furniture so that they could turn it into a rocket.

We want kids to see themselves in the video, and we want to reassure parents and teachers that sometimes challenger behavior is more productive than status quo.

Help us celebrate “that” kid

Research shows that people who push the boundaries in business typically start pushing boundaries at a much younger age. In fact, disobedient children tend to earn more as adults. And while troublemakers get a bad reputation, psychologists and professors agree that the world needs more of them.

By encouraging kids to pursue STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics) at a young age, you can give them the skills they need to succeed in the future of work. By embracing your spirited kid, you can empower them (regardless of gender, race, nationality, and ability) to solve the real-world challenges ahead.

“That” kid is going to grow up to change the world.

Want to help us spread the word? Share our brand video on your social media channels along with a tweet, Facebook post, or Instagram post about how you were “that” kid — and how it helped you to become who you are today. For every 100 shares or Likes your post receives, we’ll donate a Code Kit to an at-risk classroom of your choice to celebrate “that” kid everywhere.

See you out there!

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