A most magical holiday challenge

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Did you ever make anything happen? Invent something you couldn’t explain?

Break out your brooms and get ready for our most magical journey yet! This holiday season, may we present to you the Magic of Invention challenge, inspired by our favorite wizard.

We challenge you to create an invention inspired by the magic of Harry Potter, then film it in action.


You have until January 5 at 11:59 ET to enter your submission through the Invent page or on the littleBits Invent app. This challenge is a bit longer, so no time-turners needed. You could win up to $200 in Bits and most magical swag.

You can use any kit or Bits so complete the challenge, but we recommend the new Gizmos & Gadgets Kit, 2nd Edition. It has a Bluetooth-enabled Bit that allows you to connect wirelessly to your smartphone – then turn it into a wand!

What is more fun that casting invention spells and crafting technologically enchanted objects? Doing it with your friends at the Global Invent-a-thon! From December 9-11, Global and School Chapter leaders will be holding events all over the wizarding and muggle worlds. Check to see if there is one in your area here (just scroll down).

For those of you interested in hosting an event or integrating it into your lessons, we have a bunch of resources for you!

Let the inventing begin.

Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.
~ British science fiction writer Arthur C. Clarke



Magical Hogwarts Express by Luke Seeley (AKA pooky)


Voldemort Disarmer by AlexanderBits


Parselbot by Avery C.


Dudley family car by Gavin Thomas Walters


Buckbeak’s Flight by Carolina and Timothy High


Wingardium Leviosa – the levitating feather by Carolina and Timothy High

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