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We recently launched the newest addition to the littleBits library: the cloudBit. The cloudBit is the easiest way for anyone to make their own internet-connected devices and inventions, no soldering, programming, or wiring. This is a moment I have long been waiting for; the module has gone through multiple iterations, and we wanted to get it just right. Even though this is the most complex module in our library, we wanted it to be like any other littleBits module: unintimidating, immediate, and most of all, inspiring. Using the cloudBit you’ll be able to snap the internet to anything. I can’t tell you how excited I am about what the cloudBit means for you as a user and for littleBits as a platform.

Our mission at littleBits is to Put the Power of Electronics in the Hands of Everyone. I previously shared that in the first two years of the company, we focused on the Everyone in that statement. We built the most accessible and extensive library of modular electronics so that everyone –from a professional designer to a grade school student– could be creative with electronics. For the last 8 months, we have been focused on the word Power. We created powerful functionality, exemplified by the Synth Kit, Arduino module, Wireless, Logic, Space Kit, and now, the cloudBit.

Why am I so excited about cloudBit? Web-connected devices, or “The Internet of Things,” are some of the sexiest buzzwords these days. Everyone is ooh-ing and aah-ing at every new smart device on the market, and how they can make our lives better. However, the landscape is riddled by large companies parachuting utility-type solutions on us or small companies that are creating hyper-specific applications that don’t capture the richness of our lives. These products either have a single purpose and limited flexibility, or, if you wanted to customize them, they require a high degree of skill in hardware/software. Therein lies the problem. We believe that hardware needs to be limitless and that the Internet of Things needs to be democratized. The next billion dollar idea isn’t going to come from Apple or Google, it’s going to come from designers, makers, educators, kids, entrepreneurs; it’s going to come from you. littleBits is the platform that will enable you to prototype and build that idea.

Whether you want to re-create the most popular products on the market, prototype the next big thing, or bring your home into the 21st century, you shouldn’t need a degree in engineering to do it. Better yet, if you have a problem that is so unique to you, a problem no large company would want to address because it’s too small a market, go for it! Snap the internet to anything, and change your own world.

We hope you love the cloudBit. We hope you create amazing things with it. And, when you do, share them with the littleBits community to inspire others. If you have feedback about the cloudBit or anything littleBits-related just email us.

Lastly, I want to share a very heartfelt thank you for supporting litttleBits. The reason we push to make hardware limitless is to match your imagination. We never would have been able to get to this pivotal moment without you.

Thank you,
Ayah Bdeir
Founder and CEO, littleBits

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  • Why cloudbits is out of service for so long? I am profoundly sad about it after saying so much about this to my friends. :(

    Leslie on

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