A Thank You to Our Educators From Ayah Bdeir

By Adam Skobodzinski

Dear Educator,

At littleBits we have something called “the moment.” It’s when someone snaps two Bits together, a light comes on, and their eyes open wide. It’s a moment of magic, followed by wonder, empowerment, and then an unstoppable rush of inspiration. We all live for that moment when a student suddenly realizes, “Wow, I made that happen… I wonder what else I can make happen?”

As 2015 comes to a close, I wanted to write a special note of thanks and appreciation. I want to thank you, our educators who are cultivating the inventors of tomorrow. You are the ones creating the moment, every single day, and changing these students’ lives forever.


littleBits now works with more than 16,000 educators in 2,400 schools in over 60 countries across the world. I think about those numbers, and I’m truly humbled and inspired. It makes me so excited to know that, together, we’re showing the next generation that they can invent anything and be anything they want to be. You are helping to create lifelong learners and to prepare students for careers that haven’t been invented yet.

Looking back, here are just a few of the amazing things that happened this fall:

  • At a Boston area library, students used Bits to build clocks to honor the ingenuity and bravery of Ahmed Mohamed, the young man who got arrested for bringing a digital clock he invented to school.
  • At St. Catherine’s School in Virginia, more than 1,000 girls in grades 5-12 came together for a girl-centered “Innovation Day.” Students heard from female leaders about how ideas and innovations are changing the world and then engaged in a design challenge with littleBits. Interactive projects included amusement parks, haunted houses, candy shops and playgrounds.
  • Mr. Pommeroy won our DonorsChoose.org contest and is now using his new Workshop Set to teach the 9th-12th grade boys at the Wyoming Boys School, a juvenile justice facility, about technology and engineering but also about their own potential to shape the world and build promising futures for themselves.
    Makerspace 30

Makerspace 30

The stories (and the inventions) go on.

Today, to show our thanks, I’d like to give you access to our new educator’s guides.

You can download them by clicking each of the following links.

How to Start a STEAM Program in Your School

The Librarian’s Guide to littleBits and STEAM (written by star Maker Librarian Colleen Graves)

Thank you for empowering your students to create inventions, and inspiring them to (re)imagine the world they want to live in. And thank you again for letting littleBits be a part of the journey.

May your holidays be merry and your moments filled with the brightest lights!




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