Adiff: the fashion startup that’s making a difference (Video)

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Here at littleBits, we believe in the life philosophy of inventing for good. Why? Because it makes the world a caring, amazing, and innovative place to live in! When we help each other, we are literally changing the world for the better. And that’s why we want to highlight the rockstar (and socially conscious!) fashion brand, Adiff.

Photography by Adiff

Angela Luna is the creative force behind Adiff, a socially conscious fashion company that designs clothing with refugees in mind. An Adiff jacket is not just a jacket – the garment can literally transform into a tent! Talk about life-saving. When a customer buys one jacket, the same style gets sent to a refugee in need.

By providing clothing that is functional and purposeful, Adiff has turned into a social agent of change. Learn more about the clothing items below and how they can change the world. And, when you’re done watching the video, read our rad interview with founder Angela Luna about how she’s paving the way for more socially conscious development and innovation.

littleBits: What inspired you to start Adiff?

Angela: Overwhelming feelings of helplessness and empathy were what really pushed me to create Adiff. I remember first learning about the refugee crisis and wanting so badly to help, but having no idea what I could possibly do. Coming from a background in fashion, I really had no choice but to try to use my design skills to find a way to help, and Adiff just grew out of that. From the beginning, it was always about using design as a vessel to provide assistance.

littleBits: At littleBits, we believe that we can invent the world we want to live in. What kind of world are you and Adiff striving to invent?

Angela: A world of acceptance, solidarity, and awareness. While clothing may not be able to change political policy, it is definitely capable of galvanizing everyone and creating a movement for change. I wish I lived in a world where the refugee crisis never happened or homelessness wasn’t an issue. Unfortunately it is, so I pledge to do the best I can to provide assistance to these people with Adiff.

littleBits: We’re also inspired by our community and inventing for good – how has inventing for good changed your perspective? What kind of effect has Adiff had in a local/global community?

Angela: My perspective on everything has changed since I started designing to help others. On the one side, I see so much waste in the world and people doing things for such selfish reasons. On the other, I see many more opportunities for good. We are still waiting to do our first distribution trip in refugee camps, but the story of our startup has spread across the world. I hope that our mission has inspired others to think differently about what they do, and push them to help out other people. I know that we have definitely started a movement of solution-based design worldwide!


littleBits: Do you have any key takeaways from your socially conscious journey?

Angela: When I was visiting refugee camps in Greece, there was this one man who came over to talk to me and the volunteers. He was Yezidi and had suffered through so much. With tears in his eyes, he hugged us hard and thanked us so much for what we were doing and our help. He actually gave me a bracelet that he braided, and I have never taken it off. This experience reminded me of why I’m doing this – it’s this man. I’m not doing Adiff for myself, it’s for people like him. Even when it’s hard, I must continue to fight for these people.

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