Announcing the Earth Day invention idea winner!

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You sketched your visions for a cleaner Earth. You came up with ideas for composting, recycling, trash-compacting robots, cleaner air, and more. You designed devices to reduce global warming and carbon footprints. You brainstormed ideas for a cleaner, happier, brighter planet. You innovated to protect the Earth.

First off Bitsters, thank you SO much for sharing your inspiring and thoughtful Earth Day invention sketches. With over 25 sketches, there were so many clever and life-changing ideas to choose from. And in fact, you inspired us! It made us think more about our beautiful, glorious planet and ignited us to innovate more and make a difference in our own communities to benefit the Earth.

The following winner was chosen at random in our hashtag #littleBitsearthday.

$100 worth of Bits!

The MacHaffie Family

The MacHaffie Family came up with ideas to repair the ozone layer and tackle our planet’s trash problem. These two sketches address some big issues: what is happening on Earth and around it.

We hope you continue to be inspired to Invent for Good and use your STEAM skills to help planet Earth!

Stephanie Valente
Content Manager


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