Announcing the #HackYourHabits winners!

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Hacking your habits is no easy task. Which is why we are incredibly inspired by the thoughtful – and very cloud connected – approach you took to this challenge. Big congrats and many thanks to all who submitted inventions. We ~*LOVED*~ them all.


A few of our favs included Don’t NEON the Lights by abby.mowry (who also made this door alarm), IOT: Water Tank Automation by Kamesh dkr in India, and journeyBit ~a littleBits journey tracker sandal by Little Oha Bitty Bytes in Hawaii.


And now, onto our winners…


the pro habit hackers in no particular order are…..

TV Roll by Magill_Bros

Luke and Noah decided to tackle an insidious problem that afflicts young and old, parents and kids: television. You’ve been there. You know how that screen just ropes you in for hours. And hours. And more hours….So these mindful brothers created “an invention that will prevent you from watching too much TV” that breaks the cycle. We love their clever solution: the more you surf the less visible your screen becomes.”It is basically a paper towel with motors that will roll the TV Roll if you press the remote trigger.” No more couch potatoes in their house!

Messy Shoe Solution by the three J’s and S

The three J’s and S were back in action for this challenge and brought their A game. After a few troublesome trips near the front door, Julius and Savannah decided it was time to take action. “No more tripping over that pile of shoes that sits in your hallway. A delightful invention that will encourage your children to put away their shoes. The reward system is remotely controlled by the parent who may be away at work.” After the kids have put shoes in the cupboard, Mom or Dad gets an SMS message: “Congratulations! Your children have put away their shoes 31 times. Please press the purple button. A little surprise might be in order…” YUM! Remix their invention to create your own picker-upper tracker.

Brushing in the Groove! by Mya Berkey

Mya Berkey is a maker mutlitasker extraordinaire. With this invention, she hacks two habits at once: brushing her teeth and listening to her piano music.

“Those of you who have braces might be able to relate. We have to brush our teeth ALOT! I personally find it hard to do so. Because of this I invented the Brushing in the Groove machine!”

It “motivates you to brush you teeth more often and thoroughly The device keeps track of how many times you brushed, and how many times you skipped with the use of a Button and a Number. If I miss a brushing I take away one point. If I complete a brushing I add a point.” And the music? “Another benefit of the Brushing in the Groove machine is that it plays my piano music, something that I’m supposed to listen to every day.” As for results, Mya says she’s been brushing much more consistently.

And a very special thanks to our judges, Anahit and Topher!


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