Announcing the #InventForGood Challenge Winners!

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Congratulations to everyone who invented a project for March’s #InventForGood Challenge! All types of devices were created including a non-violent mouse trap, a helmet with presence detection for the blind, and a sensing device that lights up when its user’s surroundings are getting too noisy or too bright. The world is now a better place because of them.

We’d also like to give a special thanks to Holly Cohen, Kenneth Shinozuka and Johnny Long for their time to select the winners.

The judges have made their final decisions and it’s time to announce the two winners.


The Winners


Tele The Telepresence Robot by Joey Wilson

This little two wheeled robot that allows you to be in two places at once! Simply place a smartphone running Skype or Google Hangouts into the dock and control it straight from your keyboard.


Bat Vision by Anahit

This device can detect the obstacles in your way using echolocation, just like bats. It’s like you have your own bat-friend who can accompany you wherever you go and tell you if there is something in your way that you cannot see. It is a useful tool for blind people and for people working in the conditions of very low or no visibility.


Prosthetic Arm by João

This is a homemade prosthetic arm that has a hand that can open and close.


To view all of the projects from the #InventForGood Challenge, visit the littleBits Invention Page. Be sure to heart and comment on your favorite projects!


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