Announcing the littleBits Competition: Droid Inventor Kit

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littleBits Competition: Droid Inventor Kit
Today we have a huge announcement! The custom Droids are taking over.
You heard us right.
And you have been recruited to join the ranks of the global league of inventors who will be creating them. It’s an open call for all Droid Inventors out there to show us your inventor skills for a chance to win some pretty incredible prizes. Want to join in the inventing? Here are the answers to all your burning questions.
What is the littleBits Competition: Droid Inventor Kit?
The littleBits Competition: Droid Inventor Kit is a contest for anyone ages 14 and up (or younger under the supervision of an adult!). Using the littleBits Droid Inventor Kit, kids and adults will create their own custom Droid, choose the category that best fits their experience level, and enter the Droid into the contest. There are two categories: Padawan Learners and Jedi Masters.
Padawan Learners: Don’t be afraid to use all the Bits you own, and add craft materials like cardboard, styrofoam, pipe cleaners, mom’s jewelry, and whatever else you can find at home or in your makerspace.
Jedi Masters: Are you a master maker? Do you create complex inventions on the regular? Could you earn an honorary degree in Droid Invention? This category’s for you! Start with Bits, then level-up. And up. And up!
What do you win?
There will be six winners total – three from each category. And these prizes are epic. Two first-prize winners will each receive a Lucasfilm Dream Trip. It includes a trip to San Francisco, a VIP tour of Lucasfilm, as well as $500 to spend over at Two second-prize winners will each receive an R2-D2 replica signed by the entire cast of Star Wars: The Last Jedi, plus a littleBits Code Kit to take home. Finally, the two third-prize winners will each win a $200 Disney shopping spree, and a bunch of sweet littleBits swag.
How are the winners decided?
The winners are decided on by a 4-person panel of judges who just so happen to be smart, successful, and about as Star Wars-y as it gets. Daisey Ridley (Rey from Star Wars), Kathleen Kennedy (President of Lucasfilm), Ayah Bdeir (CEO & Founder of littleBits) and Kelly Marie Tran (Rose Tico from the upcoming Star Wars: The Last Jedi) will be choosing the winners based on the following criteria: 1) Creative use of materials 2) Inventiveness 3) Video Presentation
Where can you find helpful resources?
Lucky you, we made you an ENTIRE resources page! It’s filled with inspiration, Droid Inventor Kit tips and tricks, and videos from the littleBits Product Designers themselves to help you create fun and unique Droids.
Can anyone enter the contest?
Unfortunately, no. Because of some legal stuff, everyone who enters must be over the age of 14, and reside in either the U.S., Canada, or the U.K. Additionally, those living in Louisiana, Maryland, Iowa, Tennessee, and Quebec can not participate. You can still make Droids and upload them to the littleBits Invention Page for inventor glory! But this will not enter you in the competition, and you will not be eligible to win prizes. :’( Sorry. We’re sad about that, too.
How do you enter?
There are three main things you have to do to enter. First, create your Droid! If you need some tips, check out our handy resource page. Second, document your Droid in a very short video. Introduce your Droid, tell us a little about yourself, and then show us what your Droid can do and give us its story. Finally, head over to the competition site, create an account, select your category, and upload your Droid. Then it’s official! Just make sure to get your entry in by January 31 at 11:59pm ET.
Why a Droid Inventor Kit Competition?
The U.S. has a STEM problem. By eighth grade, 50% of boys and girls have lost interest in STEM fields, or deemed them irrelevant to their education or future plans. The drop in interest is visible, and it’s scary. But according to the U.S. Department of Education, all STEM jobs in the U.S. will increase 14 percent by 2020. Science, technology, engineering, and math are more relevant to us than ever before, and the future will be built on them. So how do we get kids interested in these fields?
littleBits exists to tackle this problem with fun and creative kits like the Droid Inventor Kit. The goal is to get kids interested in STEAM and invention from a young age, making science, technology, engineering, art, and math applicable to their lives through Droid-building, and help start an inventor movement.
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