Announcing: The Make It BIG Challenge

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The MoMA Store window displays feature 4-foot-tall kinetic sculptures, animated solely with littleBits. This installation required no programming, no wiring, and no soldering – just sensors, switches, lights, and motors snapping together with magnets. These displays inspired us to get YOU involved in making something BIG.

Are you interested in showing off your skills to your friends, family and the littleBits community? Exercise your imagination to transform the small circuits into large-scale works of art. Exhibit your work in a venue of your choice (your window, classroom, or office will do) and upload a breakdown of your process and finished product here

The only rule of the challenge is that you must use littleBits! Don’t have littleBits? We’re offering a great, web-only promo for you to purchase all of the Bits used to create the MoMA Store displays. Get the special web bundle here!

Challenge submissions will be accepted through May 12th.  To view the official rules and judging criteria, click here.


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