August littleBits Community Call: The Nerdy Teacher schools us on making in the classroom

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On this littleBits Community Call, Nicholas Provenzano, AKA The Nerdy Teacher, told us about his favorite student project: an interpretive dance that compared characters from “Catcher in the Rye” and “The Great Gatsby.” Not only was this a longtime dream finally come true, it also embodies his philosophy of teaching through making. He believes that makerspaces are not just about expensive machines or a sole focus on technology. They support interest-driven learning by fueling curiosity and giving students choice. For him, making “gives kids opportunities to show what they know in ways that fit their talents.” His second favorite? A six foot tall interactive green light post another student created to explore the symbolism in “The Great Gatsby.”

I want kids to know that they can try and they can fail. When you set that culture in your classroom, you will get the most amazing things ever.

~Nicholas Provenzano

To hear more about building a community of risk-takers, the benefits of project-based learning, and his latest book, “Your Starter Guide to Makerspaces,” check out our chat with him.

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