Ayah at Lucid NYC: Building the Future, One Block at a Time

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Ayah will be speaking about ‘Building the Future, One Block at a Time’ at the Lucid NYC event on Wednesday, November 28. With Dr. Ken Kamler, of ‘Into Thin Air’ fame, and Mark Moffet, ‘Of Ants and Men’, as the other guest speakers, this promising evening is a showcase of diverse innovators giving insightful, relevant presentations and then mingling in a intimate social gathering.

Lucid NYC is an event series bringing together cutting edge innovators, performers, and thinkers with New York City audiences. Each event is held within a social environment and is focused around three presentations of relevant and original projects, by their creators. Lucid NYC presenters come from many different disciplines, which results in diverse crowds and interdisciplinary discussion. Additional segments of the evening include live music, interactive projects, and social networking with the smartest, sexiest, and coolest crowd in NY!


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